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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hopefully There Will Be Drinking

It's the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend. LaMar and I want to buy a new mattress and are a little unsure of what we want. We stayed at a Westin in NYC about three years ago, and slept like babies on their Heavenly Bed - at least that's what we remember. So we're going to spend the night on Sunday at the Costa Mesa Westin, across from South Coast Plaza, to try the Heavenly Bed again, and see if that's the mattress we want to buy. In preparation today, we did chores, got hair colored and highlighted, and my mom and dad came over so I could help Mom load i-Tunes onto her laptop. She wants to be able to manage her music library on the little i-Pod Shuffle we got her for Mother's Day.

Full of confidence I fired up her laptop, and soon realized I didn't know the first thing of what I was doing. On my own computer I'm a genius. On someone else's I turn into an idiot. I had to call Scott in numerous times to help me, and he ended up just doing it. As it turns out, if the laptop doesn't have a mouse, I'm lost. I'm really bad at using the touch pad. We did, however, finally get i-Tunes loaded, and then it was time to get all of her CD's into the library. Mom caught onto how to do that very quickly and we were soon done. WHEW! Now we only had to synch the i-Pod with the playlist and we'd be done!

I managed to get the i-Pod recognized by the laptop, and WHOOSH! it took the little music that was on the i-Pod off, and refused to download the playlist. I was panicking... Thank goodness the voice of reason, LaMar, (who, incidentally, knows nothing about PCs, but who saved the bacon on this one) - came up and figured the whole thing out. There was one tiny step I'd left out (click something or other at the bottom) and all of a sudden the synching/download happened! Mom now has an i-Pod just chock full of her music. What a victory!

While Scott was helping us with the whole fiasco, he was telling his Grandma all about his work at the Macaroni Grill, and how bad his tips had been, etc. etc. People always tip much better after much wine has been poured, but he's not always lucky enough to get a table of imbibers. As he was leaving for work tonight, I wished him good luck and a good night, and Mom piped up from the next chair: "And hopefully there will be drinking!" Well said, Mom... well said.


  1. Im glad my recognition of this awesome quote by grandma made your blog. Please bless that I will get to hear more gems like this from her in years to come. Haha.

  2. Scott and his "please bless"...The dork, LOL! Oh how I wish we could have a really comfortable mattress! We bought ours new out here, but it's a really cheap one and is already not very comfortable. I love that grandma said that! Classic...


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