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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ladies Who Lunch

Today I had such a treat - I got to meet my friend Phyllis for lunch at our favorite place: Macaroni Grill in Tustin. Phyllis was the office manager for a large group of cardiologists that we (Medtronic) works with, and that is how I got to know her initially. I've worked with her organizing physician dinners and weekend seminars for about five years now, and we get along really well. She is a tiny, fiery woman with dark auburn hair, and it was funny to see how she could whip all of those docs and staff into line. Little firecracker of a woman. I knew for sure I never wanted to be on the other end of her displeasure. Time marches on, and several months ago Phyllis left that practice suddenly after 21 years, and I was sad, thinking that would be the end of a nice relationship that had developed. I managed to keep in touch, however, and we exchanged cell phone numbers and e-mailed back and forth about what was going on in our lives, with our kids, etc. She is now going to be working with another group of cardiologists that we work a lot with, and I'm so glad, but the real reason I'm excited is because I realized today that we're not just friends because of work - through it all, we've become real friends.

Today at lunch we chatted a bit about this or that doctor, but the majority of time was spent noshing about us as fledgling grandmothers, excitement over new babies soon to arrive, and getting validation about whether we had done right by this child, or that one. Two women being real girlfriends over lunch. So fun.

I'm not a person who has had a lot of true friends in my lifetime. A lot of acquaintances, but not a lot of honest to goodness girlfriends that I could call for any reason at all. There's Marion, who will be my friend forever, and who never seems to get distant from me. One phone call, and it's like we never hung up from the last call. But she's in Washington. There's Joan, who I spoke with for the first time in 30 years a couple of weeks ago. The same thing - the past just came rushing back, and it was so reassuring to know that she was just the same person I remembered and loved - clever and inventive still. But she's in Wisconsin. Jeanette, from the last post - Alaska. All places I've never been, and would love to visit, but what about here in my own neck of the woods? Bronwyn, one of my crazy roomies from BYU - is fairly close - in Southern California, at least. So getting together is not impossible there. (How 'bout it, Bron? Let's do it!)

And now there's Phyllis. She mentioned as we were leaving that she had seen the movie "Baby Mama" all by herself. I told her she should have called me - there are many movies I'd like to see but don't, because LaMar doesn't want to see them, and I've never been one to go alone. She was excited at the prospect and we have a tentative plan to see one movie or another soon. It's nice to realize I've gained another sister-friend who likes the occasional movie out, and (dare I even hope?) likes to eat breakfast out. Yay!

I have no pictures to go along with this post, so I'm going to treat you to a picture that Katie sent me for Mother's Day. It's also on her blog, so I guess I'm copying, but I just love this picture of her and Mia. Sweet stuff.

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