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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, May 12, 2008

i-Pods and Old Friends

Mother's Day was a success, it seems. I got my mom an i-Pod Shuffle in an aqua color (see picture). At first she seemed puzzled by the whole thing, but got a little excited when I showed her how tiny, how convenient, how many ways to use. The next day she called me at work and said, "You'll never guess what! I read the instructions for the i-Pod, and I got the music to come out!" Congratulations, Mom. My heart is swelling with pride for this woman who is pretty much afraid of technology, but who had the courage to try to get "the music to come out" and succeeded. It made the gift even better.

On another note:

I heard from one of my oldest friends, Jeanette Trudell Moore. She is so brilliant in so many ways, and it sounds like she's cloned herself with her family. She has been in Alaska living her life these past many years, and it seems as if it agrees with her. I was able to visit with her a few years ago briefly: she and Marion were in town for one of our high school reunions, and we were able to get together and have a really nice evening together. I remember I almost didn't go, and I'm so glad I did. I would have missed seeing her, and it was a rare opportunity indeed - even more rare, the three of us being together. It's funny how you can let your everyday life discourage you from taking advantage of some of life's real gems. She has become (even more than in high school) a beautiful, happy, and secure woman - so wonderful to be around, and very comfortable. She is one of my favorite types of people. Anyway, for those who know Jeanette (and even for those who don't), I'm posting her short e-mail to me below:
"Life is good here - spring has finally arrived (it snowed 6 inches just last week) and work is challenging. We will have baby squirrels soon! Daughter Juliette just finished first year med school and is off to India to work for the summer in a hospital there. Son Shep graduates from college tomorrow then is off to Japan in August to work! Twins Jenni and Luci are finishing first year of college. Everyone will be home for a couple weeks end of July so I MUST take pictures. I have attached a photo with me and my work buddies. Hugs, Jeanette "
I just love hearing from friends, don't you? Especially when they're going to have baby squirrels soon. Love ya, Jeanette!

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  1. All of Jeanette's children sound brilliant! A lot of Zach's class mates are going to Guatemala this summer for some volunteer work. India would be so interesting. I'd like to see that picture! Maybe you can email it to me. I'm so glad Grandma was able to get her Shuffle to work! How cute of her...


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