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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Ole Baby Lover

Sunday was Father's Day, and I made the trek down to Newport Beach to celebrate with my dad. LaMar had gone to Utah to see Andrew and have a Father's Day visit with him, and Scott had to spend Father's Day at the Mac Shack, so I was on my own. My mom had told me that Brent and Becky were coming about 3:00, but I could come earlier if I wanted. Somehow, I got all mixed up, and thought everyone was coming at 1:00 (getting old sucks). And I was running late at that - but I finally ran out of the house at about 1:45, getting there all breathless, just to have Mom and Dad look at me with a "what are you doing here already?" look on their faces. Whatev.

We settled in for a little visit, which we don't ever get to do very often anymore, and I think we gabbed for a couple of hours. Dad tried hard to stay awake, but would nod off every now and then. Girl talk and idle chatter don't interest him much, but break out a business spreadsheet and HEY NOW... or bring a baby into the room.
Dad is a famous baby lover. I never realized this growing up, but the man just loves babies and small children. I should have realized it when I would think of all the games of "Monster" he'd play with us when Mom would be gone somewhere. Oh my gosh, that was fun! The house would be all crazy when Mom would get home, from all of us kids running helter skelter all over the place. He would take Rex, Katie, and Scott for long walks when they were little, and the games he'd play with them in the pool on our weekends in Palm Desert are fond memories.
Now there's a whole new crop of babies for Dad to love up. There's Lexi in Denver, Mia in Puerto Rico (who will be here next week - YAY!) and he also has a new-ish granddaughter (2 yrs old) in Indiana: Ari. The man is in baby heaven. To add to the joy, Matthew (again the Denver bunch) should arrive some time this week - the fun just never ends! Mom and Dad are planning a trip to Denver later in the summer - going to a car show is the excuse - and they will have lots of fun playing with rowdy Lexi, and new baby Matthew. I remember one day years ago when Scott was just a little baby. Dad was holding him and decided it would be funny to open his mouth very wide, and slowly bring Scott close to it, as if to eat him. Scott screamed and screamed... I didn't say Dad doesn't have a little naughty streak in him (oh, he does...) but I've never seen anyone get so happy just holding a baby. Kinda sweet to watch. He's a great dad, grandfather, and now, GREAT grandfather!


  1. Hi Karen, Its Sunny...Wow your really good at this blogging thing! Ive been telling Katie i'm gonna start a blog soon but I dont seem to have any free time to do it! Between working full time and trying to keep up with Matthew really keeps me busy, I dont have much spare time. It's good to see pictures of you, you look great by the way!! I can't wait to see Katie on Saturday, we've been planning it for a while now! I enjoy reading your blog and I will definitely keep in touch!


  2. I can't wait to see Grandpa! He IS the baby lover and I LOVE it! I want him to love all over Mia. I am so looking forward to Friday!

  3. Thats so funny. I totally remember playing with him in Palm Springs. He would always launch me way high in the air in the pool and then he would play ditch 'em with us. So much fun. Its too bad we don't go anymore. Haha.


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