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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Air, New Baby Boys, & Accounting Jobs: Whatta Weekend!

This has been such an eventful weekend! On Friday LaMar and I finally made it out of town for our big weekend away in Palm Desert - some much needed R & R. LaMar ended up working half the day, and by the time we waited for traffic to die down, etc. we were able to roll into Palm Desert and the Westin Resort there at about 8pm. We were greeted by a blast of hot air - it was still about 111 degrees at 8:00 in the evening! Not to worry - the room was nicely air conditioned, and we were able to settle right in. Why do we always seem to be at the Westin, you may ask? We got Starwood points (towards our hotel in Hawaii?) - 50,000 of them - if we just sat through the time share presentation the next day. We'd been through it before last year, but we doggedly sat through it again, putting on our best cranky stubborn faces. This time we were successful in getting outta there in about an hour. I think we wore our sales person out this time, rather than the other way around. The rest of the weekend was ours! Just before the presentation started, I received the very exciting news that our newest grandchild - Matthew - had been born! This was very anticipated, very exciting news! Ronna and Matthew are doing well, and Ronna's mom (Grandma D) is there to help out, and smooth the transition. I'm looking forward to going myself, as soon as I can schedule it. He's very cute (see picture) even in the newborn phase. I'll post more pictures as I get them.
While in Palm Desert, we were finally able to eat at the Cheesecake Factory - the one in Brea always having a 2 hour wait. It lived up to expectations, and it was a nice evening. On Monday, the temperature cooled off a little bit (only 107!), and we spent most of the day at the pool. It was big, and we were able to score some great loungers under umbrellas so we didn't fry too badly. Here is LaMar in relaxation mode, all scruffy and happy. We were able to cool off and relax before heading back to the room and out for dinner.
On Tuesday morning we headed for home. We'd had a great time, but we were happy to leave the extreme heat behind. As we pulled into the driveway, I saw Scott getting out of his car in a SUIT...this and the huge smile plastered on his face could only mean one thing: he'd gotten a JOB IN ACCOUNTING! Actually, he'd been up for the same job last week, but they'd turned him down, saying they wanted someone with more experience. I don't know quite what happened, but today they called him back and he got the job! Major excitement! So it's been a weekend of great highs and wonderful happenings.
This afternoon Mia and Katie came over. It was disorganized - I was still putting things away and doing wash, but it was so wonderful to grab that little girl and give her many hugs and kisses. She is adorable, and I'm looking forward to many fun days with her the rest of the week. Stay tuned.


  1. Karen...well congratulations to Rex and Ronna on their new baby. And congratulations grandma.
    I'm guessing a Congratulation is in order for Scott!! When Scott left his interview,I bet they all got together and agreed what a great personality and how smart he was and figured they couldn't go wrong with him. Way to go Scott!
    Luv you blog Karen and keep having fun.
    Oh...remember when you kicked my desk at Larry's? I thought that was soooo funny. I've always loved your spirit!! ha ha You go girl!
    OX, Sandy Mear Leonard

  2. I wish I could go to Palm Springs for the weekend. Zach and I went for our one year anniversary and had such a nice time.


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