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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Girl Needs Her Beauty Sleep

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. I always forget how quickly a day goes when it's based around a toddler's mealtime needs and naptimes.The first real day that Katie, Mia and I all spent together was on Wednesday. Poor Mia wasn't feeling very well - I think she is allergic to something here in North Orange County, because she kept sneezing, and her eyes were all puffy and watery. We got her some children's Claritin, and the symptoms pretty much went away, and she started having more fun. First things first: we HAD to go grocery shopping, and get supplies for the week. Off we went to Trader Joe's for lots of yummy food, and we got home satisfied with our haul. Time for a nap. We all went back to my brother's house (where they're staying, as there's no room at Casa Norman right now). While Mia napped, we watched 27 Dresses, and then we helped Becky (sister-in- law) pick about a million apricots off her tree. She was making jam that day. Mia woke up and back we went to my house to get dinner started. (See how fast the day goes? And with very little done...)
Yesterday was slightly more productive. Mia really slept in, so by the time they got here to my house, I just ran out the door, and we were on our way to order Mia's birthday cake from Rockwell's. We decided on a pink and white cake with a princess crown and number two in fondant, and with stars shooting up from the top of it. Very girly. Off next to a great little party store in Costa Mesa. We got the cutest things for her party - beach theme, of course! - and now I'm really excited for it. I love this store - called Where's the Party, for you locals. They have the most wonderful things for any type of party you could ever conceive. While we were there, the sales girl gave Mia a pink balloon, which excited her very much. I forgot to mention that while we were riding in the car, she kept cuddling the babydoll we'd given her for Christmas, and saying "Shhhh...shhhh" So sweet.

When we got home, we had a quick lunch and went to the pool for a little bit. Mia is used to the warm water temperatures in Mexico, and this was a little bit cooler, so she didn't last a real long time. We came back and I helped Mia play "Chopsticks" on the piano. It was fun until she reached up and closed the piano on her fingers. Ouch. Time for a nap.
When she woke up, it was time to prep for dinner, but luckily Uncle Scott was home, and took her for another swim. She had lots of fun jumping into the pool and swimming to him. There's almost nothing more fun than a big uncle to play with. At dinner time Mia chattered and recognized LaMar as "Papa." I'm still "Memo." (Her other grandma is Momo, I'm Mema, and so she's a littel confused, as you can imagine. I certainly would be...)

Not sure what's on for today. Maybe the carousel at Fashion Island? We also need to do a little more food shopping for the party tomorrow, and there was a rumor of a big sale at the Disney Store, so we may have to go there as well. But you know how it goes: when it's naptime, it's definately NAPTIME. I think even Memo will need one today.

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  1. That was a busy day! So much fun none the less. Mia sure does love swimming.


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