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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surfer Girls & Branding Irons

It was a weekend of pouring over catalogs. I got new ones from both PotteryBarn Kids, and Williams Sonoma. You wouldn't think that I would get excited about decorating a kid's room, but darn it - I still do. All I need is the room. And Pottery Barn Kids is feeding the excitement. Who wouldn't get tingly about a bed that looks just like a boat, or a darling little surfer girl room? And don't even get me started on the kid size Adirondack chairs, and the octopus that squirts water from the top and all 8 legs. Feeding the frenzy is that Mia and Katie will be here in a few weeks for a visit, and we'll celebrate Mia's 2nd birthday. I'm having a hard time narrowing the gift list, but such is the lot of grandmothers.

Now, Father's Day is coming right up, and the Williams Sonoma catalog was very satisfying on that front. I did end up getting my dad a branding iron of sorts, so he can monogram his steaks and chops on his beloved new BBQ. I think he'll love it - his initials emblazoned in meat!
But even I was amazed at the selection of gadgets and cookware that is available for use on the BBQ. I dog-eared so many pages, it looks like I just selected the entire catalog. (if only I could...) LaMar and I both love to cook. He likes it every day, and I like to cook for the special occasions. I'm lucky he likes every day, because left to my own devices I'd probably come home from work and eat a hunk of cheese and a several garlic stuffed olives. And cake, if there is any. Yeah, I'm not so much on the every day - especially after 8 hours at work. But I do like to plan and cook menus for special occasions, so the array of gadgets and cookware in a Williams Sonoma catalog is dazzling and ever so tempting. Some of my favorites:
The Grill Pans and The Chicken Roaster (cooks a whole chicken & roasts corn!)
And the Jalapeno Roaster looked fun!

I look at all of these things and think about how much LaMar would enjoy them, but I'm really thinking about how much I would enjoy them. Knowing how much they cost kind of kills the enjoyment for LaMar. For some reason, I'm always able to block that part of it out. I think it's the girl in me.

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  1. I'm with you! The Pottery Barn Kids stuff is to die for! I love taht Octopus too, Mia would have a blast with that. The surfer girl bedding is darling. I know what you mean about looking at catelogs and wanting everything (despite the price :) I can't wait till one day I can actually place an order! I can't wait to see you. We'll have so much fun.


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