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Friday, July 4, 2008

Adios, Mia & Katie: the Party's Over

It's been so long since I've posted that I barely know where to begin. The time with Katie and Mia just flew by, and before I knew it, we were at the airport saying goodbye. It was all too much fun, and one of the best things that happened was the bond that developed between Mia and Papa LaMar. They are real buddies now.

We had Mia's birthday party on Saturday, the 28th. It was fun, and predictably crazy. Two year old birthdays always are. Mia wanted her tea set out so she could have a tea party with everyone. There were cups and saucers and spoons everywhere, and Mia was pouring gallons of tea for all who would accept. We had a quick and hectic lunch once everyone arrived (I always forget how just a few people seem like a lot in my little tiny house), and then it was time for presents. With all eyes on her, Mia got a little cranky. Gifts of clothes weren't impressing her, but suddenly, from one of the bags a purse appeared. And what was in the purse? A little stuffed white puppy! Now this was something to smile about! The party took on an upward swing from there, and when the last gift was a Princess PHONE, that brought the biggest smile of all. Happy birthday, Mia!

Monday the 30th was their last day here, and so we got up and went to Fashion Island for the traditional carousel rides we love to take. It was a glorious day, the ocean was beautiful in the distance, and my mom and dad met us there. We had a few rides, followed by a few tantrums as we left to do go see some other fountains that are there. Check out the curls on this picture snapped at one of the fountains:
We played for awhile, and then it was lunch time. California Pizza Kitchen! As always with a two year old, there is no leisurely lunch with conversation. It's a rushed and hurried affair, punctuated with many demands for "juice" (Diet Coke). When she could take no more of the monotony of lunching with elders, Mia was led outside by Katie, and we all soon followed. We had two more carousel rides, and it was time to go - but not before finding the cutest little plush purple hippo to purchase for the trip home.
It was back to Brent and Becky's for naptime, and to finish packing. When Mia woke up, we went to my house for a little dinner, and, all too soon, it was time to go. When dropping off the car, we lucked out: a man was just finishing with his luggage cart, and offered it to me. SCORE: I saved $3! We trekked across the street to get the luggage checked, and everyone commented on what a beautiful baby Mia is. I was swelling with pride, even though I had nothing to do with it. When there was nothing left to do but say goodbye, we walked outside to wait for LaMar to swing by and pick me up. We snapped this picture of our final moments together. Don't we look like the happy sisters we are?

I almost cried when we drove off (Katie waving goodbye...sniff...) but I managed to keep a grip. As consolation, LaMar took us to Mi Casa, where we drowned our sorrows over tacos. The whirlwind visit was over, but we're left with lots of fun memories. Here's a picture of Mia that Katie's friend Michelle snapped. (Please see her phtography website in my favorite links to the right - she is amazingly talented!) It perfectly captures Mia's funloving spirit, and it leaves me impatiently waiting for our next adventure.

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  1. Our visit DEFINITELY went by way too fast! We had such a great time and it was fun to see Mia get to know everyone. We miss you already!


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