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The second best are very expensive.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Lively Visit (but an empty pantry...)

We had unexpected company today. Well, not totally unexpected, but I just wasn't sure WHEN. The couple who housed Scott for the last year or so of his college life have been on a road trip, and today was the day they came to our neck of the woods. What a great surprise seeing the Huntingtons! Justin is a quiet man - a musician, quite talented, and totally soothing to be around. Nichole, his wife of several months (see the link to her blog: Nichole Huntington) is a ball of energy. She loves everything outdoors, and together they have travelled, and camped, and rappelled, and gone scuba diving - so many adventures! She's a restless sister... and I was getting quite envious (and feeling quite slug-like) listening to her. I'm not so very outdoorsy, although LaMar is, and I can see that I need to exert myself a little more so we do more things that LaMar is wanting to do. Like hike. And maybe camp. Really, though, I can't sleep on the ground; I wouldn't be able to move in the morning. Perhaps an air mattress, or an RV bed.

But back to the Huntingtons: I was so flattered that they wanted to stop by, and I tried my best to not be geezerish. They just make me want to appear vital and active - like I'm training for a marathon or learning to skydive. The first time I met Nichole, she was making dinner, and she (without batting an eye) just included me in the dinner. So nice, and it was so delicious. I was frantically thinking today what I could cook for them, but they had other plans, so after a short, but very nice visit (during which they invited us to Utah for outdoorish canyon things at least three times) they were off with Scott - lured by the promise of something exciting towards Los Angeles.
I am vowing here and now to always have something nice at the ready in the freezer for just such an unexpected occasion. I'm embarrassed to say that had they taken me up on my offer of food, it would have been no more than a smoothie or perhaps a Cutie (Trader Joe's soy ice cream sandwiches. Delicious, but very small.)
Seeing them was a good surprise, and I'm so happy they wanted to stop by. Scott had some good times in their house, and hopefully he's made some lifelong friends. On his graduation day, they put together a lovely BBQ at their house for all sorts of people. Oh my - now that's twice they've fed me... I really do owe them a good dinner, don't I? I'm posting their picture here, but I wasn't even on the ball enough to get a picture of them while they were here. I ripped it off of Nichole's blog. Preparedness needs to be my motto from now on. Really.

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