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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Babies Are Having Babies

My little brother is going to be a grandpa. I've never known anyone more prepared for the role. Whenever small children are anywhere around, his eyes light up, and he can't wait to play with them. Likewise, Becky, his wife, is also a shoe-in for Best Grandma. They've watched me become a grandma, and have often said that they couldn't wait for their turn. Their turn has come: daughter Emily is going to have a baby in October - the due date, to be exact, is October 31st: Halloween.

This past week Emily has been in California visiting while her husband is in China on business. On her last night here, her sisters and friends threw her a baby shower, and I was lucky enough to be invited. She looks adorable. Picture a small sprite with a basketball attached to her front, and that's Emily at 7 months pregnant. I know she thinks she looks huge, but she simply looks beautiful, and oh, so cute!

Since I dragged myself out on a school night, I was glad that I was rewarded with a 3-fer: all of the pretty Money girls were there! It was fun to see Emily, since she was the focus of the party, but it was also great to see Sarah and Sherri as well. Such pretty girls, and so fun to hear everything they're doing. It made me tired just to hear it all, but it was still fun.

But best of all was seeing my brother on the fringe of the party, just enjoying the heck out of himself while watching Emily open cute little things, and basking in the sweet glow of grandfatherhood. I've known this boy from day one, and believe me when I tell you that being a grandpa is what he was born to do!
Congratulations to Emily and Kevin on the upcoming birth of their little girl, and double congrats to Grandpa Brent and Grandma Becky: your day is coming!


  1. You're right, all three girls look so beautiful! It was great seeing Sarah when I was in town...wish I could have seen Emily and Sherri too! Emily is just about the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen! Why can't we all be so lucky to look that great when we're pregnant?!

  2. Wow I am stealing some of your pics to put up since I don't have the ones from my mom yet. Thanks for the sweet post and for coming to the shower! I felt so overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity we have had so far. I really appreciate you taking time to come and visit me and celebrate with me. Since none of my other aunts read your blog, I can let it slip now that you were always my favorite aunt! (It really is true :) ) Hope we can see you guys when we come out with the new baby in January!!! Love you!

  3. Can't wait until December when I officially take the month off from all the "day to day"!!! I miss the cousins and katie and scott. Plus, it will be fun to have the kids of the (2nd/3rd) generation play together. Miss you too! See you in a couple weeks... Rex


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