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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fountains & A Team of Angels Plus Two

Such a busy weekend! The time just flew by, and all too soon it's time to get up early, and go back to work. So disappointing. But we did have fun, and got a lot done too. LaMar was up and out early on Saturday morning. He came back from Home Depot with a new fountain! I know that sounds random, but on our evening walks, we've been admiring how all of the big, beautiful houses we pass all have fountains. We wanted one, too. A few days before, he had found one on sale at Home Depot, but we couldn't decide if it would look right, etc. Well, Saturday, LaMar just took the plunge and bought the thing. Good thing, too - it was the last one they had. (I'll probably see this same fountain everywhere I go now...) The fountain couldn't stand alone, lovely though it is. It needed color and richness surrounding it, so we bought some flowers and colorful foliage to put in planters around the base. We realized on Saturday night that we didn't have enough soil on hand to re-pot them, so it will have to wait at least until tomorrow. Too bad. But the water sound is lovely, and it's all hooked up to a timer so it turns on at 5:30am, and I can hear it while I get ready for work. It turns off all day, and turns on again just before we get home. Perfection, and I am excited about the new ambiance it gives our front porch area.
Later on Saturday my aunt and grandma arrived. LaMar was taking Margie to the Angel game (she loves her Angels!), and I was spending time with my grandma. I was afraid I would be a poor substitute for actually going to the game, but we had a great time. We ordered pizza, wings, and salad, and ate it all while we watched the game on TV. I was a little worried about my grandma and the hot wings, but she loved them! We gabbed, and laughed, and ate, and had a wonderful time - I love every minute I'm able to spend with her. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I was on Saturday night with Grandma. (She knows all the players names, for heavens sake!) LaMar and Margie returned from the game in high spirits (it had been a good game! Angels vs Minnesota Twins), and the two tired girls made their way over to their hotel room. Just look at the big smiles on all of our faces - we all got to do just what we wanted to do, and a good time was had by all. Go Angels!


  1. i love the sound of water dripping and a timer is such a great idea!

    i will have to pass it on the my mom..

  2. How did you get pictures without a fight? Margie will never pose for a picture for me, and Nana always acts tired of them as well! Great job on capturing such a good time, they both look adorable! I love your new fountain, it looks so nice. Yay LaMar! Miss you...I'm in a funk!

  3. And I'm in a funk because you're laying on the beach, and I'm not. I miss you too, and I can't wait to see Little Bit.

  4. Aw! I miss Nana and Margie! I hope I am just like them when I grow up. They have such a spunk for life! I love the fountain! So elegant and inviting! I want one.......


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