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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Days

Did I say that Marion never looked goofy? Well, she never did, but sometimes our outfits, in retrospect, did. Here, for your enjoyment, is a picture of Marion (surrounded by brothers and brothers' friends). Apparently, we were in our Cher phase - do you love the bell bottoms? I remember being crazy with desire to have bell bottoms like those. And look at the guy's cords - so tight and short! Ahh, the wacky 60's.
I remember painting flowers on my hands and face, as well as wearing preppy madras plaid skirts and mohair sweaters. Style was all over the place. I can still remember one girl a couple of years older (her name escapes me) who had a pair of granny boots that were to die for. We were in granny boots one day, white go-go boots the next, Mary Janes the next. And right in the middle of it all was little Karen (with Marion by her side), just trying to figure it all out. We were something, all right - I don't know what, but we were something. I'd like to go back for just a little while, and revisit those innocent days that seem like just last week. I wouldn't want to stay too long, though. Being 55 might be harsh at times, but not nearly as unsettling as being 13, wondering if anyone is going to ask you to dance, or if your outfit is cute enough (some things never change), or deciding to defy your mother (what does she know?) and shaving your legs anyway because you are a hairy ape. Those are rough times, I don't care what anybody says, and definately not for the faint hearted. We only lived through it because we didn't know any better.


  1. I'm so glad you two are still friends! It reminds me of my friendship with Sunny. We'll be friends our whole lives...so comforting!

  2. Were you on tour with weezer that weekend mom? J/K ... I'M astonished and fascinated when i look at those pictures! I want to here more of those stories! :)


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