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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Love Birthdays - Especially Mine

It's always hard to go back to work after the weekend - especially when your weekend seemed more like a vacation. Dad organized a "board meeting" with all of his kids to clue us in on what's happening with his company, Larry's Thunderbird & Mustang Parts. He's winding up his days there - has other interests now. My brother, Brent, is the general manager there, and I used to work there back in the day. Anyway, we all gathered this past weekend to spend an hour discussing business, and then to enjoy just being together. It doesn't happen that often. My youngest brother, Matt, and his family live in Indiana, so it's rare to see them. Here's a couple of pictures of his little daughter Ari, who is 2 years old. In fact, she's just a day younger than our Lexi.
How fun it would be to get Lexi, Ari, and Mia all together!
I still didn't get to spend as much one on one time with everyone as I would have liked, but it was a really nice weekend. We were able to celebrate our birthdays (mine, Matt's and Greta's), and just enjoy each other's company. We stayed at the Westin in Costa Mesa (LaMar and I were there over Memorial weekend testing out the Heavenly Bed!), and the weather was gorgeous.
On Saturday, LaMar couldn't keep my birthday surprise a secret any more: he walked over the bridge to South Coast Plaza, bought two Mrs. Beasley's cupcakes, and presented those to me with my gift: a weeklong trip to Puerto Rico in January! I was so surprised and happy I burst into tears! There's nothing I wanted more than that, and I was so hoping that he would go with me. The trip is all booked, and I'm so excited! It was such a sweet surprise, and so special, I almost had a hard time talking about it. Apparently, he and Katie had cooked the whole thing up about 6 weeks ago. He even arranged for Katie, Zach, and Mia to stay in the hotel with us for a night when we first get there. I am excited, and so, so overwhelmed by this wonderful man, and his thoughtfulness. I'm a lucky girl indeed.
So the weekend passed, and my birthday was great, and such a nice day. I even had great hair all weekend - such a bonus! Today going back to work, I was not too thrilled. But the girls at work had their own surprises in store. When I walked in, there were pretty packages on my desk, and a beautiful cake had been bought. We had lunch brought in, and just enjoyed the rare pleasure of having lunch together. So fun! I'm lucky to work with such nice ladies, and having a big piece of cake at 3:00 was not half bad either. And there's more in the fridge for tomorrow. I love birthdays: cakes and candles, goofy singing of the birthday song, and surprise gifts. I love it all - even at 55.


  1. Oh how fun! That's definitely one bonus about working is that people at work celebrate with you! I'm so excited you're coming!

  2. Is Ari wearing one of my flower clips? I just noticed it! Is that the bracelet grandma got her? It's pretty :)


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