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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mema Goes To Denver

Yes, I'm back from Denver- and we had a GREAT time! It was just as whirlwind as I'd thought it would be, and it's never enough time, but I had a chance to see Lexi in action, and to spend some quiet moments with Matthew. To make a long story short, here was the basic itinerary:

Monday - travel day
Tuesday - Grocery shopping. Ronna had been visiting California, and the fridge needed stocking!
Wednesday - The Denver Zoo. More on that.
Thursday - Cupcake making and delivering. Playing at a little park.
Friday - The mall, of course. That night Lexi and I played while Mommy and Daddy and Matthew went out for a quiet dinner.
Saturday - Time to pack, play a little, and go home.

Grocery shopping is always fun in Denver because we always go to their beautiful, new Whole Foods Market. This is when I get to pick what to eat and do the cooking. (At home it's usually LaMar.) We had crabcakes, garlic salmon kabobs, some good fresh veggies and salads, and lots of chocolate brownies. I thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating all of that good food. And while we were shopping, Lexi got to ride in a really cool little red car/shopping cart.

On Wednesday went to the Denver Zoo. I didn't think the kids would last very long, but thought we'd give it a shot. To our surprise and delight, Lexi loved every minute, and Matthew was an angel. We saw elephants ("Huge!" said Lexi), a polar bear sitting in the water with (even more fascinating to Lexi) his large toy ball floating nearby. She was quite impressed that the bear had a toy. The otters were another favorite because they swam so fast. The monkeys came up close to the window, and were fun to watch. She had fun trying to feed a peacock her sucker. We spent lunchtime throwing the breading from the corndog to the birds, and loving how fast they'd come after the bits. After lunch we rode the carousel, saw giraffes (even a baby one!) and were just in time to see the hippos get fed - a real treat. Lexi called them "Ho's." That brought a smile to lots of people's faces. At the end of the day, a good time was spent looking at all kinds of animals and birds, and everyone was tired on the way home.

Thursday's activity was cupcake making. I'd brought Ronna a book called "Hello Cupcake" (I highly recommend this book) and we decided, for our maiden cupcake experience, to make the owl cupcakes. We made 10 of them, and let Lexi decorate the other two herself. So much fun! I can't wait to see the creations Ronna comes up with next. We were sick of chocolate frosting (if that's possible) by the time we finished, so we took all of the cupcakes to her friend around the corner, and they were happily received. Who wouldn't want to eat an owl cupcake??

Next on the activity list was going to the mall to pick up some pictures taken of Matthew. We stopped at my favorite store, Janie and Jack, and found some cute jackets (Lexi's was 60% off - YAY!) and so now both kiddies can sport new jackets this winter. I love that store... That night Ronna was itching to get out of the house with Rex, so I decided to stay home and do some playing with Lexi so they could have a nice dinner without a running commentary from Little Missy. (I'm telling you, Lexi can talk your ear off!) We ate dinner, watched Wow Wow Wubsy, Mickey's Clubhouse, and Maggie. We colored. We played monster, and ran through the house (thanks, Dad, for that inspiration - the tradition lives on, and Lexi loved it). I gave her a piggy back ride upstairs for her bath, and she played in there until it got cold. Finally, it was bed time, but she begged and pleaded to sleep with Mema in "Mema's bed.... prease??" What could I do? We laid there, and, of course, didn't sleep a wink. Mommy had to put her to bed for real when she got home, and that's the beauty of being Mema - it's not your job anymore to enforce bedtime!
Saturday morning was spent with Rex and everyone, and I packed as well. Too soon it was time to go. I am missing Lexi's little voice already when I'd ask her if I could get her some juice: "You sure can, Mema!" She pronounced our cupcakes "Dewicious" and her idea of displeasure was to fold her arms, shake her head, and say "Hummph!" So funny.
Matthew is sweet and happy - so grateful for any attention you give him. He smiles so much he just wiggles, and those blue eyes... oh my. He is adorable.

Thanks Rex and Ronna, for the wonderful time. I can't wait to see you all again soon. And Lexi and Matthew: Mema loves you, and can't wait to give you lots of smooches!

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  1. Whatta fun trip, and great pictures! Wish I could have been in on the fun :) Can't wait till you come here!


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