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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Past Is Not Pretty

I don't know if you can see these very well. Marion sent them to me, and they are from (the first two anyway) about the 8th grade. The picture in the middle is definately 8th grade graduation. I remember that yellow dress and white lacey tights very well. That's Cindy Clark with me - get a load of HER dress! The picture on the right is maybe from 9th grade or summer just before maybe? My hair is longer. Wow - that was a little trip back. I'm sure Marion was killing herself with laughter. I asked her why she didn't send any goofy pics of her, and then I remembered: she never looked goofy. I got to talk to her tonight - my birthday this time - and it was wonderful as always. It's always just like I've spoken to her yesterday. I love these calls, and I promised to check in with her again in about a month. I need to be better about communicating. Anyway, short post today. I was so busy with birthday business that I never got to a new post, but thought I'd better post something or you would all stop reading. Yeah, yeah - laugh all you want to at these pictures. We all have goofy pictures somewhere.
I will give you this piece of hot news: my big birthday present from LaMar is a weeklong trip to Puerto Rico in January!!! I'm so excited - don't I have such a good husband? Honestly, he's my soul mate, my true companion. Love you, honey!


  1. I can't believe you were only in 8th and 9th grade! LOL...You were a skinny little thing...I agree, the styles back then were pretty bad! You still have the same face, that's probably why it's hard to believe you were only about 14!

  2. cute cute pictures!

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i don't know if it is today or yesterday, but if you celebrate the way that i do... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!

  3. Yes,Nichole, I celebrate the same way: ALL WEEK LONG!


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