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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Devil is a purse...and rain gives peace

Lazy, lazy Saturday today - so nice, for a change! LaMar and I actually slept until 9:00 this morning. Unheard of, at least for LaMar. He's usually up and out the door on errands by 8:00, and I'm at least UP. Today, though, we were sleepy slugs, and it felt great... kind of like this:
You know - when you sleep so soundly that your hair goes completely crazy? We got up...sort of... and watched Conference from Salt Lake for awhile. I still love the fact that you can watch it, at home, in your jammies if you want to. For at least half of my life you had to get in your church clothes and haul over to the church to listen to it. We've come a long way, and I love it. But, at home or not, it sets a nice tone for the day, and it was nice to hear the good words of wisdom and encouragement. Be hopeful, have faith, stay the course. That was what I mainly got out of it today, and after the discouraging events in the world of late, it was good to be reminded to hold on to our hope, and not let bad times overwhelm us.
Before long, LaMar really had gone on to the errand phase of his day, and I - well, I was still lounging around in my jammies. Talking to Scott, talking to Katie on the phone, just lounging. It seems I rarely have the time for that, and so I enjoyed every minute. Why is it, though, that we always feel that we should be busy? It's so hard to just savor sitting and talking - I usually feel I should be doing something, ANYTHING. But today, I really tried to just sit and talk, and enjoy doing only that. It took effort, but I did it, and it was so nice. Later on I balanced my checkbook, paid some bills, read everyone's blogs, made my comments, and then, while LaMar went to his session of conference, I drove myself crazy by looking at shoes and bags on line. I found one gorgeous bag: a dip dyed purple patent leather satchel to die for. I have no money to spend - why do I do this to myself?? Sigh...
LaMar finally returned, and we headed off to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Casa, in Costa Mesa. It was yummy as always, I ate too much as always, but when we walked outside, something was different: it was RAINING! Well, not really raining - more like sprinkling, but that's good enough for me. It had been trying to rain all day, and I was kind of looking forward to it. I'd donned a sweater, and, for the first time this season, I broke out the Ugg boots. (I love those things... so cozy!) Anyway, it rained/sprinkled all the way home, and as I'm sitting here I have the window open, and can hear the rain coming down. The air has that wet earth smell that comes up with a first rain - I love it! From all predictions, the weather will warm up again this next week into the 80's and 90's, but for now I'm basking in the illusion that fall weather is here. I can hear the rain, I can smell the rain, and I can feel the cool, damp air. Fall is here, if only for a brief moment.

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  1. So funny, I was just thinking about Mia's crazy hair in that picture just the other day! That was some serious party hair. That purse is so cute! And how nice that you were able to enjoy the rain and your ugg boots even if it's just for a day! I miss my Uggs! I want to feel cold for a day :)


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