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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chocolate Therapy, Workin' the Camera, and *Stormwatch*

We went to see my grandma this past weekend. She is doing pretty well, but still it was hard to see her in the nursing home. She'd been working hard in physical therapy, and had practiced raising her left arm over and over and over until she could raise it as high as the top of her head. She can kick a beach ball with her left foot, and while doing some eliptical excercises with her arms, her hand slipped off and she clocked the physical therapist on the chin. Take that!
As predicted, she works so hard, and is so much fun that people want to help her even more. I brought her some See's candy (soft centers, no nuts) to *stimulate* her appetite. She had that box ripped open and a chocolate stuffed in her mouth so fast it was a blur. As we were leaving my brother joked that maybe he'd sneak a piece of chocolate out of her drawer. She pointed her bony finger at him and croaked "I'm keeping an eye on you..." She's still quick and funny. And determined to get outta there and go home. It was so good to see her laugh and make jokes. Once, she even caught sight of herself in the mirror and tried to fix her hair. She's still alive.

Sunday afternoon L and I had a photo shoot for our Christmas cards. It was a little pitiful: two stiff photophobic people trying to appear spontaneous and lively for our Christmas cards. Somehow we managed to get a good image after taking 54 shots. I was exhausted, and my hair went a little limp in the process, but I think you'd agree that we were able to appear like fun *festive* people. I'd include the picture of choice here, but its on L's Mac, and I'm here at work. Working on my blog...

On a different note, Southern California is have a torrential downpour. I woke up at 2 or 3am to the sound of pounding rain. I love that, but driving to work was a little hairy. My little car gets a little slippy slidey when there's lots of water because it's so low to the ground. I felt it hydroplane briefly a couple of times. Yikes! But I do love to be inside and watch/hear the rain coming down. If there were thunder and lightning it would be perfect. Even more perfect would be a power outage. Translate that to *Time To Go Home.* But the best thing of all is to watch the local LA news, because they get so excited whenever we have any kind of weather. And tonight they'll for sure be on *STORMWATCH.* Good times. I'm sure other parts of the country find our panic about a sprinkly rain, or even an occasional downpour ridicuous, but hey - a little rain is all we ever get. Until the Big One, anyway. Then maybe you'll all have a little respect.


  1. Who took your pictures? Can't wait to see it! I'm collecting cards this year and putting them on our wall. I only have a measly 4 cards so far. Hope to get one from you! Have you gotten ours yet?

  2. Yep - got it the other day. So cute!


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