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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Girls Need Some Prayers

I 've been busy this past week frantically trying to finish all the Christmas shopping (online of course!) I've almost gotten it done, and packages have started to arrive - so exciting and satisfactory! But in the midst of all the excitement was something that brought me right back down to earth and reminded me of what is really important here: FAMILY.

My sweet grandmother (yes, the one who can eat like a farmhand) had a stroke last week. (I hope it wasn't brought on by the carb-loaded-heavy-on-the-cream-artery-choking Thanksgiving dinner I served her...) She's in a short term care facility trying to rehabilitate. Translate that to she's trying her best to improve so she can go home. But the food has been miserable, and her spirits have sunk a little bit. My poor aunt is struggling with the day to day of it all pretty much by herself, as they live quite a distance from the rest of us. I'm worried about her as well - she won't stop and care for herself. These two ladies (The Girls, as we affectionately call them) are quite extraordinary, and are the family's treasure. There's nothing they haven't done, or wouldn't do, for any of us, and the thought of losing either one is nothing short of SAD. I try not to selfishly wish longer life for my grandma - she's 97, and almost everyone she loves best (my grandpa, all but 2 siblings, her parents, countless friends) have all passed on. Surely, the reunion on the other side, when it comes, will be completely joyful. I'll try to remember that. But in the meantime, I pray for just a little more time with her - for me, for my children, for everyone who knows her. And I pray for my sweet, completely amazing aunt to have the strength to care for her. And to know that she is loved and treasured every bit as much as Grandma. You hear me, Margie? *Every*Bit*As*Much*


  1. Oh, no!! Not Nana! I hope she ends up being ok. She needs to meet Josie before she leaves us for good. I love my Nana and Margie! We will pray for them...

  2. What sweet ladies! I'm enjoying getting to know them from your posts.


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