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Monday, February 2, 2009

I Love Puerto Rico - Day 1 & 2

I have to say that our week in Puerto Rico ranks as one of my all time great vacations. I had so much fun, and Katie was the best hostess ever! The island is beautiful - much like Hawaii - and has so much charm. The weather was great - a pretty consistent 85 degrees. It rained a little bit almost every day, but it was not intrusive. Again, much like Hawaii. One afternoon we did get caught in a shower for a few minutes, but the rainbow we were rewarded with made the soaking worthwhile. But let me back up and put events in order.

We arrived Saturday evening, the 24th. Katie and Mia met us at the airport, and I was so excited to see them. Mia had heard our visit hyped for so many days, I think she was over excited: she spent almost the entire time driving to our hotel with her head under her kiki (blanket) - and that was about an hour drive. It would have been a little shorter had we not gotten totally lost. The hotel was way out of San Juan, and the GPS didn't read the address properly, so we were taken over hills, and in all sorts of nooks and crannies of Humacau, PR, trying to find the freaking hotel. We finally stopped, in sheer desperation, at a Texaco station and begged directions from the first English speaking person we could find. Luckily, the correct street was only a turn or two away. (Part of the problem is that there are no street signs. Anywhere. Welcome to Puerto Rico.)

The hotel, when we finally got there, was lovely. Beautiful, lush grounds, a gorgeous pool area, hundreds of little coqui frogs singing their little lungs out. The service, however, sucked. We had so much stuff to lug to the room (and there were only stairs - no elevator), and there was no one in sight to help us. No matter. I watched Mia, and LaMar and Katie packed everything up to the room. I think I got the much better end of things there. By that time, Mia had had it - she'd opened her doggie sleeping bag, she'd loved up her lion cub toy we'd brought her, and she was ready for bed. After she was asleep, and we were all settled in, I went over to Katie's room for a bit, and we sat in the dark under the covers, and talked for awhile. I'd missed those talks so much, and it was so great to just giggle together, and yak away - being our Sister Selves. We were a little worried about how far away the hotel was from everything, and how confusing it was to find. But we were so tired from the travel we decided to worry about it the next day.

In the morning we first went to the pool, but that wasn't quite what we wanted. We ended up going down to the beach, where Mia played for a bit, and we enjoyed the warmth and the sunshine. The sky was blue, and it was a glorious day. LaMar had made arrangements to move from that hotel to another Sheraton in Old San Juan the following day. But we still needed to get Katie and Mia back home, so we got their stuff packed up and into the car, and off we went. For some reason it wasn't hard to find our way to her house - the GPS was a champ at that. We soon arrived, and Katie fixed us a nice little dinner, while Mia insisted that we "Sit, sit!" and watch a Princess movie with her. Soon enough it was time to make our way back to the hotel in Humacau for our final night there. And soon enough, we were hopelessly lost again... the GPS had directed us up into the hills again and had told us to turn onto this really small street. Just as we were about to do just that, 3 or 4 men on horseback suddenly rode down the street out of the dark and we almost ran into them. We backed off of that street and decided to backtrack a bit. In time we (miraculously) found our way back to the hotel again. We were glad it was our last trip back there. The hotel in Old San Juan turned out to be the perfect place to move to for the rest of our trip. To be continued...


  1. Yippee, Karen's back!! :)
    So happy you enjoyed your trip. My husband and I went to Puerto Rico two years ago...the best vacation we have ever had. We loved it there!
    Your pictures are beautiful, love that rainbow! Glad you're back!

  2. I wonder why my comment didn't save? Hmmm...anyway, we had so much fun having you here! I'm hoping you'll be able to come back so we can do some more exploring :)


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