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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Love Puerto Rico - Day 3 & 4

When we arrived in Old San Juan on Monday, Katie took us to one of the old forts (I think it's called Cristobal) located there. It was fascinating to think that it was over 400 years old, and still standing guard over it's charming city. It was hotter than anything, the tour guide was moving really, really slowly, and so we just did our own tour. Mia fell down at least four times, but she was still in a pretty good mood. After all, she did have her "cecils" (that's "pretzels" to all of you), and her juice pouch. We climbed all over the fort, and took a million pictures from all angles. I was completely damp and sweaty from the heat by the time we left, but I wouldn't have missed it. We checked into the hotel, (the Sheraton right on the harbor - highly recommend it!) and after getting settled in, we took a trip out into the city to forage for food. A short distance from the hotel, there was a Puerto Rican/Haitian place that we decided to try. Aaaand... we all decided we didn't really like Puerto Rican food, except for the Churrasco (marinated and grilled skirt steak - YUM!) The rest was deep fried plantains and really salty chickin gumbo-like soup. Oh well - you have to have the experience!
On Tuesday, we planned a beach day at Escambron Beach - really close to the hotel. I slathered on the 50 sunscreen, and tried to get a tan. But you know, the older I get, the less I can sit still just baking. Pretty soon, both LaMar and I were up playing with Mia and building sand castles with her. It was a gorgeous day, and we had a great time. We even got to meet up with Katie's friend Amy, and her cute daughter Kaely. Again, much picture taking. We even got to hear the exciting story of how Amy's husband (who is an FBI guy) had arrested the PR governor just a couple of days before! Good times.

I wish I could totally relate the fun of playing with a very cute 2 year old. She says the most hilarious things, and has so much spunk and personality. But all of you who have had 2 year olds know what I'm talking about. She followed her "Papa" around like a little baby duck. He built her a wonderful castle with a moat, which she had great fun destroying, before becoming endlessly fascintated with burying her legs and feet in the sand over and over. Before we knew it, it was time for Mia's nap, so we packed up and headed back. It's hard to remember everything, but I think LaMar and I just took our own little quickie tour of the city that night. I remember we had a Blackout (Coke and ice cream) at a little local place, and then we just walked around for awhile. We're kind of old (notice I say "we" to make myself feel better) and we were tired from the sun so we didn't last long. We'd planned a trip to Mar Chiquita the next day - without Mia, since it was a little distance away - and we were looking forward to that. And so ends Days 3 & 4.

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  1. I love the last picture of Mia telling you all about it, hahaa...


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