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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Really Love Puerto Rico on Day 5 & 6

I loved these two days. On Wednesday, Katie had her friend Mardy watch Mia so we could take a long day to go to the beach at Mar Chiquita. (Thank you Mardy!!) This was one of the most amazing beaches I've ever seen! The "beach" was really like a pool, surrounded by volcanic rock, which the waves from the outside ocean crashed over or made their way through small openings. The result is that you have very calm water to swim in, with little tide pools all through the rocky openings. The water was so blue and warm, and it was just lovely. We set up camp, climbed all over the rocks, and then basked in the sun. A few minutes into that, the sky darkened, and rain poured down...for about 5 minutes. Then the sun came out, we dried off, and the rest of the afternoon was beautiful. There were several small dogs on this beach that were very friendly and hopeful for some small treat or attention. (I did notice that there are lots of stray dogs and cats in PR) While they were sweet, and didn't really bother us, I was hesitant to touch them. Fleas or worse - who knows? But no matter - they just flopped down a small distance away, and took a sunbath along with us.

When we'd had enough sun (and were done taking millions of pictures) we made our way back to pick up Mia. She was NOT happy to see us, as she still had some playing to do. Oh well. Katie dropped us off, and left us to clean up while she took Mia home, made dinner, all of the normal things. When Mia was in bed, with Zach to watch her while he studied, Katie came back and the two of us walked around the harbor and up the hill to the fort. In the dark you couldn't see the dings in the old architecture, or notice the flaws that time, hard living, and sea air placed upon the city. In the evening light, it was almost magical. And what a good time the two of us had together. We talked, and laughed, and solved life's problems -if only for a little while. I always love time spent with my "sister friend." It was a good day.

On Thursday, we decided to give L a break. He'd been so good and understanding while working around a two year old's schedule, so we cut him loose to hike around and take pictures to his heart's content. Katie and I planned a Mia Day: a whole day spent doing things that were fun for Mia. We started out by walking to the darling Children's Museum in Old San Juan. Once there, we swept with brooms, we stacked giant checkers, we made teetering towers with huge vinyl blocks, and knocked them down. And that was just the first floor. A little girl from Minneapolis came in and played for awhile with her mother, but other than that, we had the whole place to ourselves. Upstairs, we played with musical instruments, brushed a set of giant teeth, tried our best to make hula hoops twirl, and bought groceries at a little store. You could also look at mosquitos and mosquito larvae under a magnifying glass. Eeww.

After a very fun morning, we walked up the charming cobblestone street to a cute little cafe. They had a walled in patio, where we chose to eat. Mia was able to have chicken nuggets (and she scarfed them down!), and Katie and I shared salmon with mango sauce, and mahi-mahi with guava sauce. (Did I mention how delicious and fresh the seafood was in PR? SO GOOD.)

Totally refreshed after lunch, we made our way back down through the city, and Mia and Katie went home. They returned a bit later with Zach/Daddy, and we met them in a plaza in the middle of the city for dinner. After dinner they came back to the hotel for some time in the hot tub at the hotel. Mia swam like a little fish, and Katie and Zach were able to relax and unwind a bit. It was a good day, and a good evening with everyone. Tomorrow would be our last day spent in Puerto Rico. Sad...

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  1. Your posts are so much better than mine. You explain and journal so much more than I do! I felt like I was re-living our days together. Oh I miss you already!


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