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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photography Plug

Before we go any further, I want to mention that many (most) of the really good photographs of Puerto Rico that you've seen or will see on my blog were taken by my daughter, Katie. She lives there with her husband (who is in med school) and her cute daughter Mia. She sells many of these photographs, which you can see on her photography blog here: Or... you can also visit her other photography blog listed to the right as Katie Hatch Photography. She is really talented, loves using her photography talents, and this helps her make a little cash while she is serving time as a struggling med student's wife. Soooo... if you're interested (and you should be) please contact her via the blog listed above regarding the purchase of beautiful photographs. If you're in Puerto Rico in the next 2 years - inspired by my amazing vacation, of course - contact her for a photo shoot with your family. You'll love the images she captures!

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