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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Puerto Rico Day 6 & Goodbye to Paradise

So we finally get to the last day in paradise. Sooooo sad. But so fun too. We (L, Katie, Mia and I) took a trip to Cerro Gordo beach. It's beautiful there, and snorkeling is good. I wanted to snorkel - I really did. But it kind of creeps me out, so I didn't want to do it by myself. L didn't want to. A couple of Katie's friends showed up unexpectedly, and one of them, Amy was out snorkeling before anyone. I started floating and swimming out her way, and she showed me some places where there were shells. But then I stepped on something spiney and sharp, and I had to go pull it out. We agreed it probably wasn't a good idea to do this without water shoes or fins. But I did see a little bit! And then - nice surprise - Amy swam in with a big sea urchin shell. Nothing alive here, folks, so no harm done. I took it home as a souvenir. So pretty! She also found a smaller one for me as well. A little later, Amy swam in again -this time with live sea urchins for us all to look at. They were waving their little spines, and we had fun looking and touching (gently). After a few minutes, Amy swam them back out into the water again.
Mia was having such fun playing with all of the little girls that came with Nellie and Amy. L was building them a wonderful sand castle, and Mia was having a very hard time keeping herself from tromping on it. At the end of the afternoon, Nellie took Mia home with her, so the playing could continue, and so Katie and Zach could come out to dinner with us.
On the way home from the beach we stopped for some late lunch. It was the best treat EVER. In Puerto Rico, they have something called Pinchos. They are either huge pork or chicken chunks on a skewer grilled with BBQ sauce. We were salty and hot from the beach, so we ordered some pinchos and ice cold Diet Cokes. And let me tell you, those Diet Cokes had ice bits in them, they were so cold. I've never had anything so delicious in my life! I've been craving them ever since.
Early in the evening, Katie and Zach arrived to go to dinner to their favorite restaurant in Old San Juan: The Dragonfly. Their cuisine is Latin/Asian fusion. It was really good, and we had a great time. I don't think L was as enthused about the menu as I was. What you do is order several small tapas plates, and everyone shares. I like to do that - then you get to taste everything. L prefers his own food, his own plate, but he was a good sport about it. And he's a master with chopsticks! I am very bad with them. It's a lefty thing, I think. But the food was to die for: rock shrimp tacos, duck nachos (Katie and I loved them - Zach and L did not), 2 kinds of rice rolls, and churrasco. We had such a good time, and I'm so glad they introduced us to this restraurant. After dinner, we parted company. L and I were fried, and we had a big travel day the next day. But as I was heading up to our room I got a little teary thinking about leaving. I really miss my Katers, and it had been so much fun sharing the week together.

The next morning we almost missed our flight, as the airline had moved the time up, and we didn't realize it. So we were scrambling. There was a snafu with our reservation - they always think that L's first name is his last name, etc. But we made it on the plane in the nick of time. It was probably a good thing. It was so nervewracking I didn't have time to be sad. But as we took off and flew away over the island, I sat back and relished all of the great memories we'd made over the past several days. It was a really good week. One to remember always.

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  1. It's funny, now I keep seeing pinchos EVERYWHERE and it makes me think of you! We had so much fun having you guys here. I'm so glad you enjoyed PR as much as you did. Hope you come back! YOu didn't use the pics I emailed you...you used the unedited ones, LOL! Oh well ;-)


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