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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's All Good

It was a good weekend. Nothing extraordinary happened. I think it was more that it was just a weekend filled with *nice*. Saturday morning started slowly - just the way I like it. I was just opening my book to read for awhile ("The Mighty Queens of Freeville") when my son came in and asked if I could give him a ride to the tire place - he had a flat. And while it certainly wasn't nice for him, it's always nice for me to spend even a few minutes with him - even if it involved flat tires. Soon enough, I was back home, and I decided to call the Girls (my aunt and grandma) to see how they were doing. They've been going it alone, without a caregiver to help out, and I was a little worried that it would be too much for my aunt. (My 97 year old grandma had a stroke just before Christmas, and it's been dicey.) To my surprise and delight, they both sounded great! It's the first conversation since the stroke that my grandma wanted to get on the phone and talk, without first being prodded. We ran through everyone in the family, and how they were doing, and my grandma was laughing, my aunt was joking, and - best of all - she didn't sound exhausted. A great conversation.
At noon, I went to my massage and facial appointment. It was a gift from L for Christmas, and I was excited to finally schedule it. Sooooo relaxing, and good spa-smelling. As anyone who knows our family knows - we're all about the smell of things. I've seen even my boys get very excited about the smell of this soap, or that lotion - which has caused more than a few sideways glances from "outsiders." But back to the spa: it was heaven. My skin glowed and my muscles were relaxed. Mission accomplished. I spent the rest of the afternoon potting some new flowers, and fertilizing everything, which is something I haven't done in ages. It was a good day.

Sunday: I woke up achey and stuffed up. I think the massage made me sore overnight - too much of a good thing, maybe? Also, sometimes a massage and RA don't react well to each other. AND - I'm still stuffy. I'd hoped to be healed by now, so that was disappointing. My good friend Donna called and asked me to lead the music in RS. I said no, because my face felt huge from the stuffiness, and then I cried because I wasn't more saintly and service oriented. I felt like I dragged myself to church, enduring to the end. As I shuffled into RS and sat down, I found myself sitting next to Glenna, an older sister in the ward. She is the mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother of a virtual dynasty of families in our ward. I was sitting there, kind of feeling sorry for myself, when she leaned over and said "I read your blog the other day." I must have looked surprised, so she explained that my blog was linked on her granddaughter's blog, and that she had gone to it to see if it was me. (And it was.) I mumbled something like "Well, I hope you liked it..." To which she replied: "I love to read different blogs - I find it's a good way to get to know people better." I'm not sure why, but that just made my day. It explained perfectly why I will go (every day) and read all of the blogs that are linked to mine. Some are family, but the vast majority are people I've never met. Some are funny, some are inspiring, some are educational - but I love them all, and I feel that each one is a friend. I notice that my blog gets hits from places where I know no one. I like to think that maybe others out there are reading my blog in the same way. They wouldn't know me if they passed me on the street, but they read about the person I am, and the silly things I do, and the things I care about, and maybe they can see me as someone a lot like them - someone they'd like to have a good chat with over a Diet Coke. I kind of started doing this blog in the hopes that my sister friends from all different points in my life would have a place to come to where we could keep up with each other. But in reality, most of them don't blog, aren't into computers, and so we still keep in touch in more traditional ways. But I've found new friends that I keep up with, who add spice to my day through their blogs, and their comments on mine. And for all of you - those I know, and those I know only through their written words - I thank you for your daily dose of hilarity, good advice, and grounding. I'm having such a good time here. Please pass the cookies and red punch.


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Glad you had a such a nice weekend. :)
    I'll take some cookies and punch, too. I like it here!

  2. Thanks Natalie. I like it at your house too.

  3. A massage and facial? I'm jealous!!! That sounds like heaven right now.


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