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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fly Away, Birdie

We have a new milestone coming up: Scott, our last fledgling, is moving out on the 28th. He's worked hard, and survived a few financial devastations and employment snafus in the year since his graduation. His little welcome to the Big Boy World. (side note: When I was first married, a million years ago, I remember thinking that a $50 dentist bill was just about the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I've learned a thing or two about Worst Things since then.) But back to Scott (shown above with my aunt and grandma - one of my favorite pics of all three!): he found a place in Huntington Beach - a 3 bedroom house, where he'll have one of the rooms. He's beyond excited to get on with his life. And I'm excited for him. Really. But you know how it is - you can't help having those darned mixed emotions. Excitement and mommy-ache. Pride in a job well done, and worry that you haven't done enough, or done it at all, for that matter. Did I love him not enough, or love him too much? (Is that possible? To love too much?) Anyway, you get my drift. I have yet to see the new place, but I have the feeling it will be wonderful - at least to a 25 year old single male who is dying to get away from the folks. It WILL be wonderful. It will. But L will have to take me out for a sobby little dinner after we help him move, so I can distract myself from the empty room at home that I won't be able to go into for about a week. *sigh* Moms are silly sometimes... After an appropriate period of moping around, I'll peek into the room, wander around a bit, energize myself to clean and organize, and then I'll realize I have my little painting/craft room back. And hey- now there's room for my coats and jackets in the closet! And that's when I'll realize that these things happen as they should - children are meant to grow up, and mommies are meant to move on. Sort of. I think really, that we just sort of lurk and fret from further away, and then we distract ourselves with the grandchildren. (And a wonderful distraction they are!)

So here's to Scott - kudos to him for reaching that elusive *on your own* milestone. He's a good kid - a good man. I'll miss him - he's the only one who can beat me at Scrabble.


  1. I think he's moving to 14th street and I lived on 13th street, so he won't be far from where I lived before getting married. I'm so happy for him! He'll love it, especially in the summer!

  2. "I think really, that we just sort of lurk and fret from further away, and then we distract ourselves with the grandchildren."
    I am sure my mom would agree with you! :)

    Congrats to him, and I'll be thinking of you!


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