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The second best are very expensive.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Don't Want Swine Flu....Do You?

I'm sorry - I'm not ignoring y'all. There's just not been much happening that's worthy of notice. My days have mostly been spent worrying about getting Swine Flu. I start off with the Today Show while I'm getting ready for work, and that's full of Swine Flu news and woes. I have the feeling that California is in big trouble here, being next to Mexico and all. (Thanks, Mexico, for yet another wonderful gift!) Then I get to work. I work with people who are in and out of hospitals and doctor's offices all day, so EVERYONE is on edge about Swine Flu. I'm washing my hands obsessively all day long, trying to avoid infection.
Other than that, however, nothing much is happening. Just life as usual. Go to work, obsess about Swine Flu, worry about layoffs, come home, eat dinner, walk a mile or two, relax, sleep, do it all over again. See? That's kind of boring. L and I did find the best trail for walking, though. He's lived in the area most of his life, and even he didn't know about it. It starts in Yorba Linda right across the street from our church, and runs approximately west through Yorba Linda and Placentia. My (our) goal is to be able to walk the entire length of it and back by the end of summer. I'm sure L could do it now, but my joints start complaining after 2-3 miles, so I'll need to work up to it. It's just something I want to do. It's a beautiful walk too - very quiet and peaceful away from cars and lots of noise. I love it at twilight. All the critters come out, and we see lots of little rabbits hopping around. *deep sigh* I will do it. The whole thing and back.

I've been reading a lot too. A couple of books just for fun, and another book to help out a friend - which turned out to be fun reading, too. And, of course, LOST and Dancing With The Stars, my two weekly vices (or at least the vices I'm willing to talk about). So, you see, I've been busy. Just not interesting busy. I'll try to come up with something better in a day or two - and knowing me, something wierd is bound to happen.


  1. I just barely heard about the swine flu. I don't think we need to worry about it out here unless someone from New York that has it comes here...Lets hope we all stay healthy! I'm so glad Melissa didn't get voted off last night! She's my fave :)

  2. You make me laugh...and it's as if you aren't even trying to make me laugh, which makes it all the funnier!! :)

    My favs:
    "Thanks, Mexico, for yet another wonderful gift!"
    "and knowing me, something wierd is bound to happen"

    I'm sorry you are worried about Swine flu!! Always something, right??

  3. Yep, the swine flu has now hit San Francisco as well. Let's face it, this thing is going to end up anywhere and everywhere. Spring break just ended and most kids go to Mexico, so there you are...Instant spread.

    The good news is that, while it's a very unpleasant strain, the swine flu is still "just" the flu. And it does respond to anti-virals. So I'll be doing my best to keep my immune system at the top of its game, and if that doesn't work and the worst happens, I will lay low, drink lots of fluids, take anti-viral drugs, and leave it all in the Lord's hands.

    What else can ya do, right?

    (I agree, btw, with Natalie, who thought your post was funny. I was chuckling, too.)


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