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Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Hard to Keep A Good Girl Down

I don't think there's anything that puts more chill into your soul than when one of your children tells you some heavy news, and they're wa-a-a-a-y far away from you, so there's not much you can do physically to comfort them. I got an e-mail from my daughter yesterday telling me about some complications with her pregnancy. One complication is definate, and will require some careful R & R, in order to not make it worse. The other two were "possibilities" that required further testing. Of those two, she found out that one is no longer a "possibility." PHEW! The jury is still out on the other one. I'm being intentionally vague, as the news is hers, not mine, and also the point of my conversation here is not the news itself, but the handling of it.
When I first got her e-mail I was at work. It wasn't a real smooth, easy day to begin with, and as I read her first words I could feel my face go all hot and cold, and all I wanted was to be with her and hold her like when she was little with an ouchy. I felt completely helpless, very teary, and couldn't even reply right away. But as I sat there and thought in a mindless fear and panic, the thought came to me to e-mail my husband, who was also at work. I received a reply within a couple of minutes, and it was so reassuring and caring that it calmed me right down. I was so greatful for him, and the partnership we have that makes the sharing of all problems, big and small, possible. For some reason, just knowing a problem is not yours alone makes it easier to tackle. Besides that, the man is just plain awesome.
After I calmed down, and was able to have some rational thought, I began thinking of all kinds of things I could do from 5,000 miles away. I can unite our family in a fast and prayer. I can pray for her myself. I can suggest to her that her husband give her a special blessing. If these all sound like small, inconsequential things to those who have never tried them, let me assure you, they are not. These are powerful tools, and I have seen such wonderful things happen when they're employed. The more I thought about them, the calmer I became, and the less I was worried. I realized that my Katie is being watched over by a loving Father, and that she is in good hands - even though she's not in my hands. I was so greatful for the blessings of prayer and fasting, and the power of the priesthood in our lives, and for what comfort they can bring us in our times of worry and trouble. I feel quite calm now. She still needs to be careful, and make sure she doesn't strain or overexert herself - Katie, who has a hard time sitting still for a minute. She'll probably need to up the minutes on her phone plan. This is going to be a challenge, but we're up for it. She is being watched over, as she's been watched over many times before in times of health crises. This is but one more, and she'll come through it again like she always does: with her amazing strength of character and equally amazing faith. We could all take lessons from this girl. I have been for years.


  1. Couldn't you have chosen a more flattering picture? LOL, geese that's a bad angle! Thanks for you concern mom. Care packages are always good ;-)*wink*

  2. I recognize this process that you went through from first finding out to having come to a relative peace with the situation. With my adult children, the only way I can really let go of that fear and lack of control and "just not being there physically for them" feeling in their hard times is to remind myself that they are in the Lord's hands and that He knows what He's doing.

    And you're right...I remind myself that I should trust in that adult child and his or her own ability to navigate life, even when these difficulties come. (From your description, it sounds like your daughter is a pretty together person, which certainly has to be comforting.)

    I hope that all goes well for her and the baby and will keep both in my prayers.

  3. Wow. She'll be in our prayers........and so will you!

  4. Hope you have a blessed and beautiful weekend!
    ♥ HUGS ♥


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