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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cwa-a-zy Ducks & Wascally Wabbits

Last night around 7:30, L and I were on our usual evening hike around Yorba Linda. We'd just delivered some of L's freelance work to my brother, and so we decided to walk a 2 mile trail that winds around the golf course. It's kind of dark, and up high so the view is pretty. It curves around the back of some homes, and then into the neighborhoods on the final stretch. We'd crossed the little froggy pond, had passed the golf course on the one end, and we were almost past the part of the trail that goes along the back of the houses on the edge of the hill. It's dark, and you can hear critters running around through the tall grasses and brush. Rabbits were out hopping around, and we could look out across the open fields below to some homes way below. Very peaceful.
We were walking along, watching the rabbits, and just talking about life. Suddenly, there was a huge flapping of wings to my right, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a big bird rise up in the dark out of the tall grass. It startled me so much - I thought at first it was an owl because it was so big, and L thought it was a pheasant. But then it started flying in circles around our heads, loudly quacking. It was a damn duck. And he was mad.
A second one also flew up, and both of them flew in large circles above and around us, quacking and quacking. They would fly kind of close above our heads in the dark, and then circle around and come back again. Finally, we were far enough away that they stopped dive bombing us and just flew around all agitated. I think Donald and Daisy were protecting a little nest.
By that point we were off the trail, and had stepped onto the street for the neighborhood portion of the walk. I looked at L and said, "Well, that was wacky." And L looked right back at me and said "No, it was quacky."


  1. I can just see you two now! Ya dorks, LOL!

  2. I got dive-bombed by a crow once and it totally pecked my head and pulled a bunch of hair out. Not a pleasant experience!!



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