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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Want Every Day To Be Saturday...

You know, every week day I come to work, and that is pretty much my world Monday through Friday. Some days are better than others, just like anything. For the past three years I've worked alongside Ilse, and today is her last day. This is stirring up a lot of things with me, not the least of which is pure envy. Envy that every day will be Saturday. Envy that she will be able to devote however much time she wants to her grandson, children, friends, and walking along the beach. She won't have to request vacation time - she can simply get on a plane when the mood strikes. She was talking about volunteer work, taking some classes - the sky's the limit. I dream of the day when I can finally take those painting classes I've been wishing for, and try to take back what little talent I have with the eyesight I have left. Spend loads of time with my grandkids, making lots of memories. I know I have a few years before I'll be officially ready to make the leap and say:

But seeing Ilse take the step gives me hope that my day will come too. Hopefully, it will be when I say, and not because I'm just out of a job, like some of my colleagues this week. (Dreadful week. The longest ever...)
*(Cake pic courtesy of CakeWrecks.com - see their blog link to the right!)
Ilse has a wicked sense of humor, and on a bad day, she can keep me laughing. She is a social conservative, and we've had many spirited discussions. Between her, and a couple of other friends, I've learned enough to develop a conservative backbone and conscience. Not enough to really blog about it - I'll leave that to others who are much more articulate - but enough to want to learn more, be more involved in political and social decisions. Ilse is the political daughter my father should have had. He'd have been so proud! I've always been the can't-we-all-get-along daughter, very tactful and correct. I haven't liked conflict (still don't), but I've learned that more and more, it's time to stand up for what I think is right and correct, and be one of the voices that are heard. I won't say that Ilse has influenced my opinions - more that she's helped me to verbalize what I already felt because it made me feel braver to have an ally until I got used to having an opinion I was comfortable voicing.
It hasn't all been a bed of roses. Ilse is a bit of a pot stirrer. She loves to get things going, and enjoys a bit of drama. Expecially this past week, when we had 75 layoffs. Rumors were flying, and Ilse was in the thick of it, in her glory. She is funny, though. She will say the most outrageous things, and they're so unexpected that all you can do is laugh. No one is an exempt target - she'll bag on anyone. So I'll miss her. Its a change, and change is always a funky thing. It'll be wierd to come in on Monday and look at her empty desk. It'll be that way for awhile, then, before you know it, we'll be using her desk as a staging area for other tasks. *sigh* We'd all like to think that our desks will become an immortal shrine after we're gone, but in reality, once we're gone, we're gone - and life goes on.
We had a party for her yesterday. It reminded me of grade school class parties, where no work really gets done the whole day. It's too exciting thinking about the party. Except this party didn't have red punch and cookies. It had good food from Corner Bakery and a beautiful cake (I love cake) with strawberry mousse filling from French's Bakery. But today, this afternoon, it's only Ilse and me in the office, and it feels a little sad. Especially when I think about her going to the beach on Monday, and me going to work. That part makes me frowny.


  1. Here's to a not too frowny Monday! ;)

    And, your day will come...hang in there! (((hugs)))

  2. I have just begun to appreciate my retired state now that my life is filled with grandchild-tending. Oh, for a good book and the time to read it!

    I will definitely be ready for some R@R when I get home.

    Hang in there! Someday you, too, will enjoy a week of Saturdays...


  3. It'll be nice when the time comes for you to retire! I guess for now just enjoy the awesome medical insurance ;-)


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