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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Procrastination Is My Middle Name

This was a weekend of starting projects. We have an upstairs bathroom that's been a big nightmare. A big, embarrassingly disgusting nightmare. It's suffered years of abuse from extremely hard water and from being a kid's bathroom, and now that no kids are here anymore, it's time to renovate it. The idea being, that when it's finished and beautiful, we can start remodeling our bathroom, and still have something nice we can use in the meantime. L and his dad actually started the renovation last weekend by capping off the pipes leading to the bathtub shower. The faucet has leaked for the longest time, and has steadily gotten worse. No point in putting new washers in those faucets - it's time for new everything. So we just capped them off for now. On Saturday morning the real dirty work began. L borrowed his dad's saw, bought some new blades, and started cutting up the fiberglass bathtub shower. Have you ever smelled hot fiberglass? You shouldn't - I'm convinced it's toxic and sure to cause some hideous disease or bodily malfunction. I made L put on a mask - I'm not willing to throw caution to the winds here, plus the dust couldn't be good for his allergies. I felt sorry for the neighbors - that saw made lots of noise for a few hours. But L really worked hard, and now we have.... just a really scarey mess. I don't know about you, but looking at what's behind the drywall kind of gives me the creeps. So, as soon as the mess was cleaned up (as much as it could be cleaned up) we just quietly shut the door so we can pretend there aren't bare wall studs and bits of insulation, and a sawed up bathtub where people used to shower and clean up. It's exciting thinking about the finished product, though. Kind of like having a baby. We went to dinner and talked tile and wall color and recessed lighting. So far, we think that the colors will be dark browns and black - dark earthy colors. No, no, wait - it'll be pretty, you'll see. I'm good with color, and I've only been wrong once: when the green I picked once for the kitchen (which was to match a green in some wallpaper) turned out to be so very extra MINTY when it was covering an entire wall. No matter - paint mistakes are easy to paint over. That's why I tend to get pretty brave when picking wall color. When Katie was in high school, we painted her room a deep turquoise with a lime green stripe around the top next to the ceiling. When you walked into the room you almost felt like you were under water. It was cool.
Which brings me to my current project. Around the time of Katie's room's turquoise paintover, she had a diving accident and broke her neck. No, I'm not kidding. It should have been much worse than it was. She crushed the same vertebrae that paralyzed Christopher Reeves, and she never even had to wear a halo. A miracle, was what her doctor called it, and that is what we knew it was, too. While she was healing and couldn't do much, I decided to paint this big old dresser that I had for her. I wanted to make it special, something very personal just for her. I decided to paint each drawer front with a different flower whose meaning applied to traits that Katie had. So I set to work, but time being what it is, I've never quite finished it, although it's been in use for years. I've finished the top, the front, and five drawer fronts. Now, 12 -13 years later, I need to finish the sides, and the remaining drawer front, as Katie and her family will be home from Puerto Rico sometime around the end of this year or early next year. So, as my projects always go, I'm circling it, looking at it, researching different flowers and basically procrastinating. I need to simply start. The room the dresser is in is finally not in use, so I can spread out and paint. Now is the time to get busy, and finish the project I started so long ago when my little girl was kind of broken, and I wanted to do something to cheer her up. This will be something from me to her that I hope will mean something. And frankly, when they come back from Puerto Rico, I want the thing gone so I can get the room the way I want it. Time for it to spend it's days in Katie's house, since that is who it was painted for. And then, I suppose, it will be time to start a new project. Heaven help me.


  1. I totally remember when Katie broke her neck. That dresser is AMAZING!! You are so talented! I want my whole house to be full of your artwork.

  2. LOL, funny thing is that dresser WAS in my apartment before I was married and afterwards...its a good thing we moved here so you could get it back and finally finish it! It will be so cute to put in Mia's room when we return! I love that dresser and always will! Thanks Mom, can't wait to see the final product!

  3. Wow. That dresser is absolutely gorgeous! You are one talented lady.

    And good luck with the bathroom...Been there, done that. I don't like the bare studs look either, but I sure do love the finished product!


  4. Wow! You are quite the painter! I can't believe you've hidden that from us...we are loyal readers, we need to know these things! :) I admire your talent.


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