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The second best are very expensive.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Wanderings

Every Saturday Yorba Linda has a Farmer's Market in Old Town, and for some reason, even though I've lived here for over 15 years, I never knew this. When I was at Book Club last Thursday (yes, I'm still going, and this is why: I find out about good stuff like the Farmer's Market) the ladies were talking about it, and what great treasures they find there. Flowers for a pittance ($3 a bunch!) and lovely organic fruits and veggies. There was a booth with all kinds of nuts and seeds (all organic and you should all know how much Mr. Norman loves his crunchy snacks). But best of all was the herb seedling lady. I've told you all about my fledgling herb garden. I'd already planted basil, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, and lemon balm. On Saturday I added garlic flavored chives, some kind of leafy thing I can add to salads, another smaller leafy thing that acts like Bean-o when you add it to refried beans or other offending foods (this could be pivotal at our house), some lovely lavender, and a cucumber plant that can be planted in a hanging basket (because I only have a patio, so it must be in a container). Oh, and a type of sage that isn't edible, but it attracts hummingbirds. We have lots of hummingbirds, and I'd love them to spend more time outside my windows. I kind of like watching birds. I don't know much about them - I just think they're pretty. So don't think I'm hiding in bushes watching them with binoculars and cataloging them - it's more like, oh - look at that yellow one.

But back to the Farmer's Market. It was very small - I think we spent no more than an hour walking around, but it was so much fun. The flowers were lovely, and at $3 a bunch I can afford fresh ones every week. What a treat! At one booth there was a very cute Indian man in a turban who was selling some pretty pashminas. I bought one for my kitchen table which, when set with my dishes and nice stemware and the new flowers made for quite a pretty table, which you can see here:

I tried to take a little picture of it myself, but then L wandered by, and wouldn't rest until he'd dragged his own equipment out, and spent 30 minutes having his own little photo shoot. I have to admit that his pics turned out MUCH better than mine did, (really, isn't that pashmina on the table the prettiest thing? It has little sequins sewn all over it which glitter in the light. Stunning in candlelight.) but by the time he was satisfied with his labors I was very tired and grumpy. Mostly because before the shoot, I had oiled and polished all the wood downstairs, fertilized all the plants and trimmed them, arranged the flowers, done some wash, planted my new little herbs, and had run a bunch of errands with L. That may not sound like a lot, but when you spend 8 hours a day, five days a week basically sitting in a chair at a desk, that much running around makes my arthritic ankle swell like a baseball, and my whole body ache. I know, I'm a lightweight. An arthritic old lightweight, but nothing that some Excedrin and Advil can't remedy, so I was soon on the mend, and I even managed to bake a cake after it all kicked in!
All in all, it was a really nice Saturday. Got lots of things done, and got to throw some fun into the mix. I was actually hoping to have something bizarre or really interesting to tell you about, but I don't. Basically, we spent all weekend sprucing things up, gardening, and cleaning. So it doesn't all go to waste, I'll post some pictures here of our really clean house - specifically the living room. Welcome to our little house. Note the mantel and the armoire. L made those, and I finished them. I really like those two pieces. They were the first two pieces we did together as a couple. Since then L has made an office full of furniture for himself, and an armoire each for our bathroom and bedroom. Yeah. He's very talented. I'm waiting now for my retreat/office/grandkid playroom makeover. As you can see, it will be a complicated and tricky thing to design. A kind of something-for-everyone room. I think we'll start with a big table for me to paint and do my projects on. And we'll see what develops from there. I'm kind of excited about it.


  1. You MADE the armoire? That is seriously impressive!! And the room looks very inviting...


  2. I hope you gave the cake you made to your nice neighbor that broke into your house for you ;-) That street fair sounds lovely! I'd like to go to the farmers market in HB on one of the Fridays I'm home. I used to walk Mia down there on Fridays when we lived there. Love your pashmina and flowers!

  3. Oh! How you make me miss my mom's farmers' market. The $3 bouquets are a must. I used to take one for the library audio-visual check-out desk every week. The Olympia farmers' market is great, all organic, but everything is expensive. I do miss California.


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