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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Whirlwind Trip To Utah

We're back from our quick trip to Utah. We watched the new fire fighter graduate (well, as soon as he gets hired he'll be a new fire fighter...) and had a little laugh about how nervous he was to walk across the stage to get his diploma. Andrew just hates it when he's in front of a crowd attracting any attention at all - he is his father's son. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling well, but we just chalked it up to nerves, as he seemed so much better once the festivities were over. But...the next morning when we went to pick him up for a fun filled day of apartment hunting, he was laying on his couch not moving much. We took him to the doctor, and no wonder he wasn't feeling well - he had bronchitis! Soon enough, we had him prescribed and drugged, and eating a little something. He perked up enough to go looking at an apartment complex he was thinking about moving to, so off we went.

All I can say is: WOW. Where were these apartments when I was at the B (YU)?? What I lived in was a small 3 bedroom apartment, 2 girls to each room, and ONE bathroom between all 6 girls. Good times... I've driven past that place in recent years, and all I can think is "What a stinking hole..." But we didn't know any better, and we had a lot of fun living in that stinking hole. There was the Christmas that Joan and I made Christmas cookies to decorate our tree with, only to come home and find that, as they hung on the tree, Bronwyn and Julie had taken a bite out of EVERY ONE OF THEM. But the snow still looked lovely coming down outside beyond the window where the tree stood, and we had such fun together. Those were the girls who taught me what a testimony was, and what it means to have one. They were my first LDS friends EVER. I wish I could hug every one of them right now.
Anyway, Wolverine Crossing was the complex we looked at, and its amazing. Shops and food places, and a comedy club, a lap pool AND a fun pool - everything you could want, plus your own room. Andrew couldn't fill those papers out fast enough. It'll be good to have him in a place that is so social, because as shy as he is, he'd never seek it out himself. I think he'll do well here.
The rest of the trip is a blur. We went to eat one night in downtown Provo at a place called Ottavio's - really good Italian food and the BEST bread. (but I don't eat bread....no...never...) We hit the Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park on Saturday morning, only that day I wasn't feeling very well. Maybe the altitude? We visited my friends Justin and Nicole, and saw all of the clever and darling things they're doing to their house. Nichole has a garden I was lusting after, as well as a room-turned-art studio. So jealous...
On our last day, Andrew came up to Salt Lake and we ate breakfast at a place called Oasis Cafe - a crunchy, organic vegan kind of place where, fortunately, they also had egg dishes. It was raining that morning, and the air smelled like wet streets, clouds hovered around the tops of the mountains, and everything was so green and pretty. That's my favorite thing about Utah - the rainstorms. Oh - and The Creamery on Ninth in Provo.


  1. Handsome guy! And his living situation sounds perfect.

    Glad your trip went well. By the way, I just got back from mailing your book...


  2. Andrew looks great! Good for him :) LOL, yeah, I never eat bread either...I hate bread, hahaa!

  3. congrats again andrew!

    it was great to see you... hope it isn't so long the next time, but the time together is longer!


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