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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Things in Small Packages

I read my friend Natalie's blog last week, where she talked about the importance of looking for the small things in our lives that make everyday living sweeter. (Please click her big blue button "Snarky Belle" to the right and below to read her post) You know - the little things we take for granted, or don't otherwise notice because we're looking for the Big Answers to our problems and prayers, like angel visitations. So, I decided to take stock - an inventory, if you will - of all of the little everyday blessings I received over the weekend. I decided that life was better than I thought it was, and I'm convinced - no, ASSURED - that I am, just as all of us are, watched over, and loved, and sent beautiful little gifts every day to give us quiet respite, small joys, and peace. So here is my list:
1. L is always glad to see me come home. And I'm excited to be home with him. After nine years, our favorite company is still each other.
2. We make each other laugh - even when things are not so laughable.
3. We snuggled while watching TV in bed - the best part of the day.
4. My cucumber plant has a flower on it.
5. My pepper plant has several baby peppers hanging off of it.
6. We used fresh cilantro from our garden in our tacos on Sunday.
7. I heard Mia talk over the phone in her sweet baby voice.
8. Even though I hardly excercised last week, I didn't gain a pound. (The tenderest of mercies!)
9. I started to read my new book (written by friend Sue) and found I wasn't so far off the mark after all. (Always a relief. I tend to be an odd duck sometimes.)
10. My gray roots are not as grown out as they usually are at this time
11. L and I ran down to Corona del Mar for dinner on Friday night (we have a little favorite place), and while we were eating I looked up and saw Kobe Bryant walk in. But that wasn't the good part. The good part was watching how excited L got. He had to go refill his Diet Coke so he could get a good look at Kobe while he was standing there placing his food order. Just like a ten year old boy. That gave me a little smile for the rest of the evening, and whenever I think about it.

So my conclusion is that we have friends and family here with us on earth to act as stand-in angels, and to comfort us. I'm guessing we have the chance to play the same role for others (so I'd better look for those opportunities!) And then there's Kobe Bryant, the unwitting angel, who gave my Lakers fan a little thrill, and a big smile on Friday night just by stopping in to fetch dinner for the family. By the way, Kobe drives a pearl white Cadillac Escalade with some seriously tinted windows.


  1. Nice happenings in your life! Good stuff.


    PS. If we saw Kobe walk into a restaurant, I can't even be responsible for what my husband and sons might do. They are true-blue (purple?), died-in-the-wool (jersey?) Laker fans.

  2. I called you this weekend, but didn't make your list ;-) I guess Mia is more important, LOL! I'm glad you're recognizing all the small things that are so important to remember!

  3. How cute! What little boy wouldn't like to see Kobe! Im a blog stalker... hope you don't mind!


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