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The second best are very expensive.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coming Up For Air

Happy Thursday! Remember me? It's been a week since I've blogged, and it feels like more. In fact, every day this week has seemed like at least two. Should have been Friday at least 3 days ago, in my opinion. A short preface: our son in Utah is struggling mightily with some health issues that we're concerned about, at work we had a visitor this week from Minneapolis, and somehow, SOMEHOW, entertaining her became my task on Monday and Tuesday, my mother had back surgery on Tuesday, my son Scott's 26th birthday was yesterday, and there was a celebration in order there. Combine this with the fact that a fellow book club member talked me into reading the Harry Potter series, and now all of my dreams (when I can relax enough to sleep anyway) are filled with flashes of light and wierd creatures, and action. Lots of action. I guess I could sum it all up by telling you, my dear friends, that LIFE has happened to me, and it's kind of kicked my butt this week. I think, starting tonight, that I'm going to start reading my friend Sue's book (that she very kindly sent me) to get my head in the right place, and to RELAX.
L and I were already concerned about our Utah son, as he seemed to take a turn for the worse over the weekend. It seems to be now- at least temporarily - getting under control, and he has a good support system between doctors and family, so I think we'll be OK here. Eventually. But it takes a lot out of you to worry, you know? So I started Monday feeling a little tired.
When I got to work, our visitor from Minneapolis didn't have anything to do that evening so I was chosen/assigned/told to take her to a dinner we were hosting for one of our hospital groups. One problem: she was in Torrance and needed a ride to OC. My husband works in Torrance, so he kindly offered to pick her up. It gave him the freedom to use the car pool lane, making his trip only 45 minutes, rather than an hour and a half. Deal! The only problem is that he promised her that, after the dinner, we would take her to Downtown Disney to shop for a gift for her 3 year old. (thanks, honey...) The dinner was great, conversation lively, food good, but by 8pm I was tired. And we still had Downtown Disney ahead of us. She had a great time, and it was fun to show a California newbie around, but by the time we finished with that, got her to her hotel, and got back home it was 11:30pm...and I get up at 5:30am.
Tuesday dawned wa-a-a-ay too early, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And what I had to do was go in to work very late. I made it in by 10:30. (Did I tell you that I have a fantastic boss? Well, I do. Fantastic.) Work was hectic - lots of things going on, and to top it all off, my mother went in for back surgery that morning. I kept in touch with my dad on and off throughout the day, and finally at about 3:30 I left to go see her. I battled traffic over to Hoag Hospital and spent a couple of hours with her. She's a champ! 5 hours in surgery, and she was still carrying on a lively conversation! More lively than me, anyway. I got home around 8:00 and tried to relax with a little TV - the Mentalist - but it was 10:00 before I could really relax enough to sleep. And then I woke up every hour.
Sooooo, yesterday I thought would be a very bad day, but surprisingly I must have slept more than I thought because I felt pretty good. I was able to make it through the day, meet Scott for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and have a good time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!I do love the time spent with my kids - they are always so much fun to be with, and this time was no exception. We had a yummy dinner, and took our dessert home for later. I can't remember what Scott had, but my dessert was the Lemoncello Cake. Oh my goodness... a lemon cloud!! So good...
So here we are today, and I'm back to being exhausted and very very achey. No Lemoncello Cake for me today. Just healthy food, and early bed after work. And if I can just make it through tomorrow, I'll be home free. It's been at least 2 weeks of living crammed into 3 days.
But I didn't even tell you the best part. Before all of this happened, last Saturday L and I went to see Guy Fieri at Disneyland - you know, the Diner's, DriveIns and Dives guy on the Food Network. It was SO MUCH FUN. He puts on the best show, and even though we didn't get into the part where you get to eat the cooking, (people were in line at 6am for that - YIKES!) we still enjoyed standing there and watching him cook and do his thing. L and I had such a nice day together that day, ending with beignets at Ralph Brennans Jazz House in Downtown Disney. It was pure fun, and rested our brains enough to cope with this hellish week. Ain't life grand? Every time it's a little too peaceful, or a little too much fun, I start getting nervous, looking over my shoulder for trouble. In times like these, I'm always glad that I know I have a loving Father who watches over us, and who can provide peace to our souls. I never have to doubt that there IS a plan to all of this. It would seem less like madness if I could read the actual plan from beginning to end, but I do have faith that there is a plan. And a learning curve. Always the learning curve. Which automatically makes me want to escape to Hawaii. Can you follow that logic? Swaying palm trees, ocean breezes, warm beaches. This little picture of the girls in my family (l to r: Aunt Margie, Grandma, me, Katie, Mom) at Katie's graduation from BYU Hawaii in 2003 takes me to my happy place. L and my dad are there somewhere too, or maybe they were on a malasada* run. {Big Smile} Yes, indeed.... my happy place.
*Dont' know what a malasada is? It's manna from heaven, pure and simple. Made fresh all day at Leonard's Bakery in Waikiki.


  1. LOL, you and those malasadas! That WAS a fabulous trip. Hawaii is BY FAR my "happy" place. HOpe to take Zach there someday. Rest up this weekend!

  2. Wow! You have been one busy lady!
    I hope you get caught up on your rest asap!!

    Keeping your son and mother in my prayers.


  3. Sounds like you have been going at a breakneck pace! Hope everything calms down a bit now, and i will definitely add my prayers to Natalie's for your mom and son.

    Also, I love the picture of the women in your family! That one is a keeper.



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