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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Installing Fun

I had the most awesome drive into work today! My only regret is that I didn't have camera with me. First of all, a convertible BMW zoomed by me on the toll road, top down. Who was driving it? A full-on clown, multicolored wig, makeup, and all! That kind of got my heart pumping about the kind of day it was going to be, let me tell you. I'm sad to say that this clown was smoking, but we'll just forget about that little detail. It was a CLOWN! At 8:30 in the morning!
I got off the freeway at my exit, and I was stopped behind a truck with license plates that said: SWNGST2. I love,love, love clever license plates, so I figured out it was "Swing Set 2." The frame around the plate read "We Install Fun." I passed the truck as we headed up Alicia Parkway, and it turned out to be a company that installs swing sets, jungle gyms, trampolines - in other words, FUN.
Some of my best memories of childhood revolve around our old swing set. We would do circus tricks from the bars, and we'd try to swing as high as we could, and then jump off. It felt like you were flying for a brief second. Amazing. We had a trampoline, too, and we learned to do all kinds of flips and fancy jumps. Such good times.
It made me wish, as I turned into the work parking lot, that I was on my way to install some fun for someone.


  1. But you will be in just a few weeks when we come visit! Mia has not stopped talking about you since you talked to her the other day. She keeps crying that she wants to go to Mema's house! I keep telling her just two more weeks. Can't wait! When we saw those clowns driving I showed Mia and it freaked her out so much that she kept saying, "Scary Clown huh Mommy?" for weeks! LOL...

  2. Great post. And something to think about. I haven't spread enough fun around lately...



  3. Karen - SYTYCD is on Wednesday nights at 8 pm and Thursday night at 9 pm, I think. (Not sure if it would be the same time for you as for me, but definitely on Wed. and Thurs.) Thurs. is the results show.



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