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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mema's Big Vacation

I've been making my preparations for my upcoming vacation. I'm not actually going anywhere - my vacation is coming to me this time. Katie and Mia will be arriving Wednesday evening from Puerto Rico, and then the fun begins! (I just hope I can keep up!) We'll be celebrating Mia's 3rd birthday while she's here. (Her birthday is actually today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!!!) So there's a party to prepare for, swimming skills to view, and lots of playing to be done. The following week the other grandchildren arrive with Ronna in tow: Lexi and Matthew. Besides the birthday party, we have a beach day planned all together (sandy peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cold drinks, sand castles, digging for sand crabs) and a baby shower for Katie. I'm really excited to have everyone here, and I've been imagining all the fun we'll have.

I bought some new toys for the kids to play with, like this cute fairy tower!
L and I spent an hour or so putting it together, and I can't wait for the little girls to catch sight of it! Our house is small, and space is at a premium, so I also bought a big bean bag chair so a couple of the kids can lounge in it to watch movies. When we were growing up, we always had a bean bag chair, and also an assortment of huge floor pillows that my grandma had sewn up, in the family room so it was always comfy to watch TV. I love bean bag chairs, so I was happy to order one from Pottery Barn Kids. L tested it out and pronounced it "very cozy." Birthday presents are bought, and I've even got Disney Princess dishes for the little girls to eat out of. I had even bigger plans, but I realized I had to get a grip and stop spending. Now, if I can just manage to get my rest and eat properly...
L will make sure I'm managed while he's here, but the weekend of the 11th he'll be taking off to visit Andrew in Provo. After the commotion at our house, he'll need some quiet time, so the two Norman men can go off together and do their quiet Norman thing together. But while he's gone I think it will be a SLUMBER PARTY WEEKEND at my house! I haven't had some total girl time in quite awhile, so we can all stay up late talking (well, I may last until 11 or so...) and L can get some rest and relaxation on his end. It'll be perfect. No, wait. It'd be perfect if I lived at the beach. But it'll be near perfect. And just when I can't take any more fun, it'll be time to go back to work, and get some rest.
I still need to go shopping, and make sure I have the food we'll need. Any ideas? What do 3 year olds (and a 1 year old) like to eat? I'm guessing the usual: chicken nuggets, maybe some fish sticks, and some good fruit. But for the big girls, the first item on my list is Trader Joe's JoJo Cookies. In vanilla. And chocolate.


  1. Oh, boy. You are in for some fun! Enjoy your girl time...and don't forget M@Ms and red licorice whips.


    PS. And of course, the rainbow-colored Goldfish crackers...

  2. That fairy house is SOOO CUTE! Mia and Lexi are going to LOVE it! I just know that I'm not going to get any sleep tomorrow night because I'll be too excited to fly out the next morning. Crazy how I have to be at the airport by 7am and don't even get to you until 5pm. Long day, but it'll be worth it. See you soon, Mia can't wait either.


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