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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Birthday Finale With Cousins

This has been the week of birthdays. In our family, a person's birthday tends to last for about a week. First we celebrate with immediate family, then with grandma and grandpa, then we go to Disneyland and have a birthday lunch there, and finally the big finale: the entire family birthday party. (And this is just our side of the family - Mia still has Daddy's side in Arizona to celebrate with!) Yesterday was the whole family extravaganza. It was a pool party, and the weather was perfect for swimming. Ronna, Lexi, and Matthew were here from Colorado, so the cousins got in some pool time together. At first Mia didn't know what to think of Lexi, but when she noticed that Lexi had her Disney Princess bathing suit on too - well, now, HERE is a friend!

Everyone swam and played, got out and ate pigs in blankets and fresh strawberries and watermelon wedges, and swam some more. Luckily, we had made cupcakes for everyone, because Mia refused to let a knife cut into her frothy pink "bootday cake" that Katie had decorated for her. We almost had some drama over it. Mia would open a gift, and then take a swipe of pink icing with her finger. Open another gift, and another goop of icing. Whatever - she's the "bootday" girl, after all. We wanted pink cake not so much after that.

My almost-98 year old grandmother was able to come and have fun with us too. She didn't swim, but she did everything but that. It just isn't a real party unless Grandma is there. We had5 generations there, plus several friends and their little ones. I was pretty busy running back and forth to the house for this and that, so I never took any pictures (so typical). Katie took this darling one of Matthew eating cake: I'll post some later of Mia and her cake - she thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of her party! It was a really fun afternoon - thanks Katie, for a great party!

After we'd all had enough of the water and sun, the guests left to go home, and all of the little cousins and their moms came back to the house. It was mayhem! The playroom was strewn with toys, and soon one little birthday girl became very overwhelmed by it all. We decided it was time for every one to chill out a little bit so we went downstairs and put in Mia's new My Little Pony DVD. Mia and Lexi shared the beanbag chair, and sat quietly eating frozen peas from their Princess bowls. (Yes, for some reason, frozen peas seems to be quite the delicacy with the little girls...) And then they decided to dance. They swayed and shimmied and twirled all around the wood floor. They kept asking each other "You wanna dance? Let's dance!" Once Mia lost her balance and fell (she's inherited her Mema's grace), and she called out to Lexi "Help me up!" Lexi extended her hand, pulled her up, and the dancing began anew. Charming.

Before the daylight was gone, Katie took the kids outside and snapped some pictures of them. Even though it was just a quick photo shoot, she got some real winners:
Ronna and the kids soon went back to Riverside (where they're visiting their other grandma), and Katie gave Mia a bath and got her to sleep. Then we stayed up until the wee hours talking while she edited the new photos she'd taken that day, and we both nursed sore, swollen and aching feet. (She's pregnant - I'm just old, I guess!) It was fun to have some time to ourselves, but I think she paid for staying up so late when Mia was wide awake at 6am!

After church and some lunch, I sent both Katie and Mia off for a nap, and I am enjoying some quiet time to blog. It's been so fun to have everyone here for the past twelve days, but by the end of the day I'm really dragging my tail. However, I have the feeling it will end just as it always does: right when I'm used to all the activity and commotion, they will go home, and I'll spend the next few days trying to adjust to an empty, quiet house that so recently was full of spunk and sparkle when Mia and Katie were here. I have such a hard time finding that balance between feeling too chaotic and soooo lonely when the circus leaves town. I'm working on it, but I'm definately a Mema in progress.


  1. Boy, I know exactly what you mean. It's so much fun to have them all come, but so crazy. And it's so peaceful when they leave, but so lonely!

    You can't win!!

    Glad you had such a good time...


  2. I don't know how I missed this post! I'm glad her party turned out so well! Thanks for all the help :)


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