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Friday, July 24, 2009

OC Beaches Go Wild

The OC south facing beaches have been experiencing huge waves the past day or so. Today, beaches were actually being closed due to the huge crowds lining the sand to witness the waves' power up close as ten to fifteen foot waves pounded the shore. L and I got a late start, being working folk, but as soon as we got home we changed clothes and high-tailed it down to Newport/Corona Del Mar - the Wedge, to be exact.

It was awesome. There were many surfers and body surfers out in the water (there was actually someone killed at the Wedge today - thrown against the rocks by the strong surf - so only the experts were in the water tonight), and it was dramatic to watch them do their thing in waves much larger than we usually see in this area. And just a bit further out were life guard boats standing at the ready. There was an enormous crowd at the Wedge, and every time a particularly huge wave set came in they all cheered. We weren't able, by the time we got down to the beach, to get right on the Wedge - we were across the harbor on the Corona Del Mar side. But this is what we saw:

High waves were crashing over the jetty. It would be calm for a bit, and then the big sets would start to roll in again. Birds scattered, and flew above the spray.

Surfers were getting great rides. I know this is tiny and a little blurry (I have no photography skills), but can you see the tiny surfers in the back and the one in the front? That shows you how big the waves were!

Across the harbor, I could see some really big waves crashing over the Wedge, and we could hear the cheers of the crowd on the beach as other surfers braved waves that were REALLY huge. Can you see the wave in the background? It looks a little like a cloud above the Wedge, but it's a wave so large it's crashing over the rocks. And what is that dark thing in the water in front of the boat? A seal? A bird? A dolphin? Too bad I didn't notice it then. Then a REALLY REALLY big one broke. (My apologies for the blurry image, but the wave was so big and powerful that I got very excited and forgot to keep the camera steady.)
The jetty on our side of the harbor started to get pounded by the surf again, sending spray into the air. If you look closely you can see a boat just beyond the waves. That was the life guard boat - it must have been a wild ride out there!
L and I climbed up the hundred stairs from the beach to the street above, where we had a good view of what was happening over at the Wedge. The waves were much larger over there. Can you see all of the hundreds of little people (and I do mean *tiny* people - you have to look closely) standing on the beach viewing the ocean's majesty? Lots of news vans too, although they're not in this picture.

Soon enough, as you can tell by the light in these photographs, the sun started setting, and there was a lovely sunset. The best picture of the day!
Time to leave, and go get a taco at Mi Casa in Costa Mesa. I love the beach. I love it when it's quiet and soothing, and I love it when nature gets all stirred up. I'm sorry my pictures aren't better, but hopefully you can get the idea. It was an awesome sight, and a wonderful way to end the day and wind up a busy, hectic week. We came home smelling of bonfires, and with sandy feet, wild frizzy hair (me) and big smiles.


  1. I wish I could have been there with you! I love the smell of the beach--they don't smell like that in PR :(

  2. I was glad to see these pics. Now I know why the traffic here was the worst we've ever seen in all our years of coming. It's crazy, but not it's all calming down.

    We've had some spectacular wipe outs in the ocean though...and pretty serious rip tides.

    I will try to see if some time frees up later in the week to get together. Right now it is way too crazy here with many family visitors every day.

    Having fun, though!


  3. karen- you won!
    i don't know if you already saw... (probably) but you won the stationary contest on sharon's blog! congrats.


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