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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Can't Life Behave Like That Movie In My Head?

Today was a pool day. Ronna and the kids (Lexi and Matthew) and Katie and Mia joined me at our neighborhood pool for some swimming and fun. Matthew started to fall asleep as he sat on the pool's top step with me. Ronna had gone to (where else?) McDonald's to get the girls some lunch, so Katie got out of the pool and held him in the shade, where he promptly fell fast asleep in the middle of a bite of baby food.
That left old Mema in the pool with two crazy swimming girls. So they took turns swimming with me back and forth across the pool, and I was worn out in no time! When we'd all had enough, we trekked back to the house, sunburned and tired, where Mia went down for her nap. Very reluctantly. The other two cousins were soon out the door, and on their way back to their napping place. I watched Katie make some flower clips for Mia's hair, and I couldn't help but think about that shower I had not yet taken, and how badly I wanted to take it. The stumbling block to that coveted shower was Miss Mia asleep in my bed - and the other bathroom is still torn up. (No end in sight to that project as of this date...) So I patiently waited...and waited... and then Katie went up to take her shower and woke Mia up.
While Katie showered, Mia and I played with stickers. We had Princess stickers, jewel stickers, glittered stickers - well, you get the idea. We made some beautiful stuff, let me tell you. The problem with small children and stickers is that they can't seem to leave the stickers alone. They want to stick them, and take them off, and restick them over and over. I'm a fairly controlling person, and it takes every ounce of self control I possess to sit idly by, and watch this sticker destruction. *sigh* I was pretty good though - I only had to reposition one long strand of jeweled stickers. I couldn't take the fact that it was hanging off the sheet of paper. But that's what happens when two artists have different visions.
Katie and Mia were having their pictures taken by Katie's good friend, Michelle (whose photography skills you can admire here), so they were out the door at 6:00, and I could finally take my long-desired and much needed shower. But as I watched them drive down the street, knowing full well that I was done, so done, and the quiet was going to be nirvana, what did I do? I started to cry, because I already was missing my daughter. What is wrong with me???? Honestly, I think I'm going crazy sometimes. The older I get, the harder it is to get close to that picture of life's perfection I have in my head. I think my future involves some very necessary therapy, and I'm sure one thing the shrink will find is that I'm simply missing alone time with my daughter. (I am the amateur psychiatrist, after all) I keep having a vision of a whole day at a spa with her. Maybe when they return to the States, and Unborn Baby and Mia are a little older we can give ourselves that treat. Until then, I guess I just dream of the day, and act irrationally every time they leave.

On a lighter note, here's a couple of pictures of my son Scott and his friend Ashley (who we all fell in love with this weekend while she was here visiting from Florida). Katie took these at Huntington Beach while I entertained Mia by throwing shells and small pebbles into the waves. The last picture especially illustrates how wonderfully she fits into the loveable and unique goofiness of Scott. They are such a cute couple. We all want to keep her.


  1. You let me know whe that "spa day" comes around and I'm there! I need a spa day SOOOO BAD!

  2. Isn't it great when perfect couples find each other??

    (especially when they are our children!)

    And I could relate entirely to this post. Much as I love my grandkids (and I am a rabid fan of a grandma, as you know all to well), I also crave alone time with their parents. Sometimes I just want to hire a babysitter and have an adult conversation!

    My DIL's mother has a neat thing she does on Heather's birthday. They have a total spa day together, and the kids are left at home. Pretty neat!



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