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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mellow Yellow...Not

Saturday started earlier than usual. Scott wanted to go to breakfast this morning so I was up and going at 7:30am. Plus, I was kind of inspired by last week, when I'd also gotten an early start. This getting up early thing on Saturday really helps you get a lot of things done in a day! I may keep it up. I haven't seen Scott in quite awhile. He's been studying for his CPA exam, and is mostly holed up in his room with study DVDs these days. When I call him he just texts back: "I'm studying." I get it - I really do. But a mom has to see her son every so often, and so I enticed him with breakfast. We headed off to the Original Pancake House where he ordered the blueberry pancakes with sausage, and I had the banana pancakes with bacon. Delicious! All the way over to the pancake house I told myself I was going to just have some eggs - some sensible, high protein eggs, possibly in omelette form. But when Scott said that when at a pancake house one really ought to order pancakes, I had to concur. (See how easily I am talked out of sensible convictions? Shameful...)
Breakfast was fun. We talked about everything, as we always do. Scott is a wonderful conversationalist. He's also a great listener, which puts him high on my list of people to spend time with. All too soon our pancake filled tummies were full, and his CPA DVDs were calling to him. Actually, I think they were nagging and screaming at him, but maybe that's just my perception. Off he went for another fun filled day of Auditing study, or perhaps Tax Law. I get confused as to what the current subject matter is. I don't need to know, and don't wanna know.
Following breakfast, I had a pedicure, which was delightful. I almost fell asleep in the chair as my feet were being masssaged, and my pancake belly was full. My toes are painted like little grape popsicles. Now you wish yours were too, don't you?
Back home, I got out my new paint brushes and finished painting the leafy vine on one of the new armoire doors. It still needs something...not sure what. I'm thinking maybe a scroll design or stripe connecting the top and bottom vines. I'm still playing with designs in my head, but it will come to me sooner or later. Hopefully before next weekend.

L worked out in the hot garage (106 degrees today!!!) sanding the paint off in places on the armoire, and otherwise beating it up and weathering it. An odd phenomenon occurred. As he sanded, the buttery yellow paint turned more lemony. Hmmmmm... we can't figure out why, but there it is. Very very yellow. I think it will still work in the corner of the living room, as that part of the room could really take more color. But it was a little disconcerting at first. I'm not totally sold on the "weathering" - it looks a little too sanded to me, rather than weathered. (We really need to take a class on furniture finishing techniques as we seem to take these projects on without really knowing what we're doing...) Again, I'll either get used to it and like it, or I'll research a technique to remedy what's bothering me.
Anyone out there have any ideas? Done this type of thing before? We painted the piece first, then sanded in places to the bare wood, and then we applied stain for contrast. I think it will soften up when it's varnished. I hope. Here is a picture of what it looks like so far. The door isn't finished yet, and hasn't yet been distressed. I spent so much time painting those goofy leaves that it's a little hard to think about them being sanded and distressed, but that's the plan. Again, I'm open to suggestions or ideas as I'm definately a novice at finishing techniques. Also, bear in mind that it looks better in person than in this photo - flouescent garage lighting and camera flash made it look a little garish. But at least you can see the project is getting somewhere. Where, I'm not sure yet, but we're further along than before, and I'm not yet wanting to cut it up for firewood.

But isn't that wierd how lemon yellow the paint became when sanded, as opposed to the yellow on the unsanded door? Luckily, I like yellow, or I'd be really upset.


  1. I think the yellow looks good, Karen. In fact, I have two pieces that color in my kitchen. My guess is that you'll end up liking it.


  2. i like the yellow, but if you are trying to tone it down you need you use a stain with a hint of red/orange/yellow in it.

    i know it sounds weird, you would think it would make it look more yellow... but it won't. (when you put two colors from opposite side of the color wheel next to each other it make them both seem brighter) So putting similar colors of paint and stain will subdue, help it blend and have an over all softer look.

    i bookedmarked the following article a little bit ago... love it.


    add last, i found you have to throw out your paint brush. i have a tendency to want to make it perfect when i use a paint brush... so when i am trying to make it look old, i paint with a rag or toothbrush. (same with sanding...(i'm a perfectionist) so i loved the effect of scratching, hammering and MAYBE a little hand sanding.)

    i am so happy you are painting... sounds fun. (and looks beautiful!) i agree we need to live closer so we can see projects in real life and go to classes... and and and.

    wow... and you are finally done reading this LONG comment.

  3. Your Saturday sounds so wonderful, so opposite of my Saturday! Moving was not the most relaxing or enjoyable thing a pregnant lady in her third trimester could do on a Saturday, but we made it work. I can't wait to be completely settled in. I'm slowly but surely getting there and already love our new place. This morning while eating my breakfast on our balcony, I saw a bright blue and yellow wild parrot fly into a tree! Now that feels more like how Puerto Rico livin should be! Wouldn't you say???


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