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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Week Was Crashed Cars & Getting Creative

I haven't posted in a week! Part of it is due to a little work burnout last week (see last week's post), and part of it is due to the fact that - while sitting in church this last Sunday - my little car was backed into and crashed up. It's just a very very little car (a Mazda Miata) and a great big truck (I think - I didn't actually see it happen) didn't see it when backing up and CRASH - my driver's side taillight and bumper are broken and cracked. (Taillight broken/bumper cracked) The BRIGHT side of this is that the person left a note, and it's being taken care of. The down side is all the running around and phone calling involved with getting it fixed. L and I were both in really bad moods on Sunday over it, but really - it's such wasted energy getting that worked up about a car. So now, until we can get it into the shop (a few more days) I just drive to work and back home saying a little prayer that Mr Cop Sir will not notice my broken tail light. Luckily it's still very light and bright (and HOT) when I'm driving around.

One good thing we accomplished over the last few days was deciding on paint colors for my own special room. This will be the room that I paint and create in, make a mess in, and play with my grandkids in when they visit. I live 15 miles from the beach, but I still want it to have a beachy feel. Because I love the beach. I love the colors and sounds, and laid back feel of being at the beach. And that is what (I hope) my room will feel like. I found a soft sage-y green for a couple of the walls. The large wall and window alcove will be painted in a lovely warm sand color, with a glaze mixed in that makes it, in places, slightly pearlescent, like candlelight is making it glow. I'm so excited to start - I think it's going to be sooooo pretty. L even bought the tablelegs for the big project table he's going to make me, and - we ordered the chair for the table. This picture doesn't do it justice, but you can kind of get the idea:

I know it looks like it wouldn't be very comfy, but it really is! It has good padding (for my fluffy behind) and its glossy - rather than rough and itchy like it looks in the pic. I know its a small thing, but I'm excited to have a project room of my own. And I'm sure L is tired of sharing his office with me. It's going to be quite awhile before it's all completely done - it'll be a little here and a little there - but I'll try to post updates as they occur. Not that you're all going to lose sleep over my room, but sometimes its just fun to have a little peek at what other people are doing. It's helps ideas to grow. And I always love to show off L's furniture making talent - he's amazing! We're working on another project right now - another armoire to take the place of the one in the living room (the mirrored doors got cracked, and there's no way to repair them. Major design flaw...) It's built, and now we're painting it. That's where I come in. Which could mean one of two things, or both: (1) It will be really pretty (2) It could take a really long time to finish it. I'm hoping it will just be number one. L isn't a big one for letting me procrastinate. That's why I YloveY him. It will be painted something like this (inspiration taken from a table we saw at Roger's Gardens) :

So that is the very long story of why it's taken me so long to post. I could have simply said I'd been really busy, but that would have been boring, wouldn't it?


  1. Pretty! Can't wait to see it all next year when I hopefully make a visit!

  2. All of this sounds exciting, Karen! I have a room of my own, too, and I LOVE it. I also love the sea motif and would enjoy seeing pictures along the way.


    PS. By the way, your chair...and the table example...look perfect.



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