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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Make Your Face Happy

Do you know how when you love something you just want to tell everyone about it? Well, I'm here to testify on behalf of theTarget brand makeup remover cloth wipes. They come in a resealable packet of 30, they smell divine, and they have all kinds of good, moisturizing things in them like cucumber extract. And NO alcohol or anything harsh. I'm an avid face washer. I don't really like to do it, especially when I'm tired, but I've never gone to bed with makeup on. My normal routine was, and still is, Cetaphil (wash twice) and then a wash with Dermalogica Microfolient powder. It's great stuff, and (even better) the Cetaphil is cheap. If you want to go even cheaper (and I do) you can get the store brand, which works just as well. The Microfolient just gently polishes your skin and makes it clean and smooth and shiny. But you know what? Sometimes I'm so tired that I don't feel like going through with the routine. So every other night, I just clean up with one of the Target brand makeup removing cloths. They're soothing and feel so good - and the cleanup is QUICK! If you've been out exercising, you can even use them to wash up your neck and sweaty parts. Soooo refreshing! I couldn't find a picture of the Target brand, but here is another one, so you can see basically what the packaging looks like:

Kind of like diaper wipes, but moisturizing for your face. The Target brand packaging is minty green. And only about $4.99 for 30 cloths. The one pictured above is about $9.99. I promise you that you'll be so happy to forgo the long routine, and relax with this one a few times a week. Like I said, I'm down to doing it every other night. And after walking and hiking around outside where it's 80 degrees at night with fine ash falling from a fire that looks like this from my house (the huge smoke cloud minus the LA skyscrapers) :
trust me - these little cloths feel like heaven. Let me know if you try them! They're one of my best loved finds. I wish I could send crates of them to the firefighters.


  1. They sound great. I'll have to check them out, though I'm always scared to try anything new on my face because I've been known to break out like no other when a product doesn't agree with me! (But I'll do a little patch test!)


  2. You're making me miss Target!!! Maybe you can bring me a package after I have the baby and you come out to visit :)

  3. I know what you mean about the night time routine. I hate it too, but I do my best to make sure it gets done every night. My routine takes me what seems like forever. I use the Dermalogica Micofolient Powder too, and I love it. It really does make your skin feel super soft and smooth. I'm always looking for an effective short cut, I will definatley try these makeup remover cloths. Thanks for sharing, you always have great beauty tips and I love it when you share them with me!


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