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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sassy Boots

I went shoe shopping on Saturday. I was looking for some new black shoes to wear with a couple of dresses I'd just bought. I was kind of looking for some little bootie shoes and/or some other type of heeled beauty. I had some gift cards for Nordstrom (birthday gifts) so that's where I headed, hoping for some "free" shoes with my gift cards.
The Nordstrom shoe selection is, in a word, AWESOME. They have everything you could ever wish for, and the store at South Coast Plaza has everything you could dream up in shoe departments on three, count them, THREE separate floors. Shoe heaven. I was pretty confident that I would find just the right thing(s).
I got there and WOO HOO!!! - they were having a shoe sale. But I looked, and looked, and looked, and nothing was really quite right. Mostly the heels were all too high. To back up, I have a bum ankle: partly the result of more than one bad sprain, and partly arthritis. The result is that I can no longer wear heels over 2 1/2" - 3". High ones make me walk all gimpy. I have a gorgeous pair of black suede sky high ones (that I love love love) that I can no longer wear. Hence, the need to look for new ones. And I looked. I looked and looked and looked. And you know what? They're ALL really high heels. That, or they're flat, and that wasn't going to do, either. I even asked my salesperson and he confirmed it: this season the shoes are sky high (3-4 inches) or they're flatties. Not much in between.
I was sad. I felt old. I felt discouraged. I watched tiny Asian girls in their 20s strut around in all of the shoes I wanted. I was jealous. I finally found a pair of booties that are almost too high, but they're bearable. As long as I'm not walking a lot, and I'm walking primarily on carpet (like at work) they're OK. They're cute - soooo cute, but they border on being a little hurty. But I needed something nice for one of the dresses so I rationalized the purchase. And THEN: winking at me from across the shoe department floor, I saw a pair of short boots that folded down around the ankles and they're STUDDED with silver studs on the cuff - kind of bikerish. They'll be cute with the other dress, and with lots of other things as well. AND - the heel is only an inch or so!! Comfortable, loads of sass, and, did I mention comfortable? I made LaMar swear that I didn't look like an old biker lady (I have a horror of looking like I want to be 20 when I'm...well...not 20) - and I bought them too. Love at first sight.

I'm sad that I can't do the high heel thing anymore, because I love them. I love feeling tall and willowy even though I'm not tall, and I'm definately not willowy. They just make me feel a little bit glamorous. But they also make me limp, so that's the deciding factor. It's hard to age gracefully - I feel like I'm throwing a few tantrums along the way. But I'm slowly coming around to being at peace with the whole thing. But every girl needs the equivalent of studded biker boots in her life every once in awhile. For you, it may not be boots, but it's whatever makes you feel young and a little bit wild - like you still have an eternity of possibilities in front of you. And you know what? You do.


  1. those are some sexy shoes! serious.

  2. I never could wear the high, high heels, even when I was in my 20's! So you've got it all over me on that one.

    These days, I try to keep my heels to an inch and a half, tops. Otherwise I get a backache.

    You're right. Getting older is not for sissies. (But those boots look terrific!) And very hip as well.

  3. Love'em!!! So cute! You always manage to me much more stylish and sassy than me and I'm your daughter! How can I ever keep up? I can't wear really high shoes and I'm in my twenties. My knees, back and feet would kill me! Wish I lived closer so I could borrow those ;-)

  4. This post makes me want to go shopping! You have great style, Karen. The boots look fun! I don't wear the high heels much either, although they are cute. I love a good ballet flat or a small heel.


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