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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seattle and Poop News (but not in the same sentence)

The past few days have been spent getting ready for our trip up to Washington. I've never been there, and I'm so excited! My oldest and dearest friend Marion has lived there for awhile now, and it's my/our first visit to see her there. L spent his mission there, and has been telling me for years how beautiful, how green, how perfect the climate (he likes it cold). What makes me really excited is that, while we've been enduring temperatures in the high 90's during the day (and not much cooler at night) the temperature there is in the low 60's, sometimes 50's. You know what that means: boots, sweaters, and all manner of cold weather gear. Sure, my hair will be frizzy the entire time, but that's what pony tails are for. I'm anxious to see this cool, green outdoorsy place and rugged coastline I've heard so much about. Not to mention crazy Indian names for everything.

We're going to take a tour on an amphibious thing that goes on land, but also plunges into the water - it's a DUCK tour. Marion has already planned dinner at a favorite local restaurant, and we're going to shop at her local Farmer's Market and cook dinner with all of the fresh goodies another time. L will want to wander off and have some alone time, so that will give Marion and I some girl time - it doesn't get any better than that.

So I'm counting down now until Friday when we can leave on a jet plane for Seattle!

In other news, I got a phone call from Mia in Puerto Rico telling me that "I POOPED!" Now this is a very big deal for Mama Katie, seeing as how she only has a few weeks before girl #2 arrives! Mia got to go to McDonald's for a treat today because she was such a big girl. I love it when the grandkids will talk to me on the phone - it's only been a recent development that the girls have gotten old enough to begin to understand the fine art of phone conversation. Before that it was me talking a mile a minute and only heavy breathing on the other end. I'm looking forward to many many lovely conversations to come - even about things other than poop. So Mia? Lexi? Matthew? Call your Mema anytime.


  1. It was so funny that she wanted to call you to tell you she pooped, LOL! She also called Aunt Ronna after you had to get off. I think it helps her for everyone to get so excited about it. She really enjoyed her happy meal too :) Hooray for pooping on the potty!!!

  2. I've gotten a few of those poop calls myself!


    PS. Have a great time in Washington. I'm a bit jealous!!


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