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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, October 30, 2009

Make Pies Not War

Very crazy day today - at work it's our Quarter End. A last mad dash to collect all PO's and possible revenue in the hectic effort to make plan. It's been a day of phone calls, spreadsheet reading, projecting, and desperate hoping. In the spirit of comradery, my boss offered to go get Olga and I the lunch our our choice. Good thing too - here is what was facing us in the kitchen:
Nothing like a choice between a healthy little green apple and chocolate or yellow cupcakes... He brought us lovely salads from Panera - brought us back to life, I tell you!

Today is also the day before Halloween, and we like to dress up a little bit. We are a sales office for a global company, so we don't get too silly, and we definately wanted to be comfortable today with all of the concentrating and work we had to do, so we compromised on dressing up like our clinical specialists who implant and check the pacemakers and defibrillators, and we wore comfy, comfy scrubs. All I can say is this: if you see us coming, hide your patients!
L had a bake sale at his work today. It's a yearly event to support a chosen charity. L has never participated before, but he was inspired by the pocket pies in the previous post, and wanted to make them. I took this to mean that he wanted to make them. I was wrong. He wanted me to make them. I'm ashamed to say that I behaved very badly last night while making them. I was tired, and my ankle was sore (because I'd worn heels that day) and the hour was getting later and later, and I was finding that not all prepared pie crusts doughs are the same. The dough I'd used the first time I tried it was Pillsbury (strongly recommend it - don't use anything else unless you're an expert pie maker, which I'm not), and the choice last night was from Trader Joe's. It was delicious crust, but soooooo hard to work with. I would cut the shape out, and the dough would shrink, and I was having a very hard time making it fit in the mold. I said many bad words, and was mean to L because he was just standing there looking helpless.
Then I started remembering all of the times that L had come to my rescue when he was probably tired, and helped me with some little project that needed his graphic arts skills. Too many times to mention, I might add. I repented. And so I calmed down and took a deep breath, and tried to sweetly say "Shall we make some more?" And so we did, and they were cute (most of them) and very delicious (we ate one of the ugly ones). Then, this morning I made myself late for work, and went down and packed all of his little pies into Halloween cellophane bags, put tags on them that read "Apple Cranberry Pocket Pies", and packed them into a cute little jack o'lantern basket for him to tote to work. And guess what? They all sold in less than 15 minutes!! L was so proud, and I was happy that I'd helped him, but sad that I'd been a little mean about it. We're supposed to make little bite sized pumpkin pies this weekend as a trial run. We can use the remaining Trader Joe's dough, and I will be nice. I promise.


  1. LOL, poor LaMar! I know how you can get, LOL...Glad they sold so quickly! YOu look so cute in those scrubs. And skinny too I might add :)

  2. YOu are such a good wife... it usually takes a few days for me to calm down enough to be nice again.

    Life is tough for this boys... hehe.

  3. I think it sounds like you totally redeemed yourself!
    And I wish I could have scored some of those pocket pies...



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