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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Pie in Each Hand...

L was gone all weekend visiting Andrew in Utah, so in between headaches (yes, I had a raging headache both Friday night AND Sunday - what is wrong with me??) I baked little pocket pies. I first saw the *equipment* (if you want to call it that) in a Williams Sonoma catalog, and thought it looked fun. Basically it's a plastic dough cutter and crust crimper all in one handy tool. For good measure, I also got the recipe for their Apple Cranberry Pie off of the website.
Who can quickly shop in Williams Sonoma?? Not me. (The dishes, the specialty sauces and mixes, the bakeware!) Before I was done, I had the Pocket Pie mold, a bottle of Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup (for milk steamers and to pour on ice cream!), and was almost out-loud restraining myself from buying the Gingerbread Man set of mugs, spoons, and dessert plates. (Picturing the grandkiddies sipping hot chocolate out of them on Christmas Eve! Adorable!!) Normally I take L in there with me, and he's the watchdog. Soooo much harder being good when I'm alone.
I had to beat it out of the mall quickly, because I was meeting son Scott for a late lunch. We had Mexican food and tall Diet Cokes, and we laughed and talked and had a great time. I always have fun with Scott. After our lunch I was all set to go over to a friend's house and watch the Angel/Yankee game. I was so proud of myself for having something to do that night, and that's when Scott told me that the game had been rained out in New York. What the.....???

My sails deflated, I took myself home, and decided it was time to bake my little pocket pies. I peeled, cored, chopped and cooked those apples and added the gorgeous red cranberries that had been cooked down to a jelly. A little cinnamon, nutmeg, butter and vanilla later, it was the most delicious pie filling I've had in awhile. (Or maybe I'd just cooked up an appetite.)
I didn't take pictures of my own pies, but really - they turned out just like the Williams Sonoma pictures. Cute and delicious! (They have a pumpkin shape I'd like to try with pumpkin filling.)

But really - what am I going to do with 14 pocket pies, besides put myself in a sugar stupor? I'm going to give them away, that's what. I gave some away to my parents, some to my niece and newphew, and packed some up for VT.
I will definately make these again. Easy, delicious, and impossibly cute - you can't ask for more than that. And don't worry, L... I saved you some.


  1. Those look so yummy! Wish I lived closer!

  2. You can not even imagine how happy this makes me!! When my mom was visiting a few weeks ago, we went into the WS store. I wanted those pocket pie molds so badly (the apple ones and the pumpkin ones too), but was afraid I could never make them work. Sooo happy to see that you did it! Maybe I should give it a try after all; although, it's clear that you can work it in the kitchen. I really can't so maybe I shouldn't waste my time and especially my $. Aaagghhh, I can't make a decision. :)

  3. Those beyond cute, and yes, Snarky...You should get them!

    As for you, Karen, I am waiting for my pocket pies...Send 'em on over.


    PS. So glad you got to see Andrew and Scott. Hope all went well. It sounds like it did.

  4. Ditto Katie's comment. Those look super yummy and so cute too.


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