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The second best are very expensive.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Projects Both Arty and Human

The weekend went waaay too fast. So enjoyable, so fun, and so ordinary. The yellow armoire is finished and just waiting on some new door pulls. I could take a picture of it in the garage, but I think I'll wait until it's installed in the living room in all it's glory. Because its glorious. I love it. L stained my new table top, and it's a delicious deep berry red. Next weekend I'll antique it with black while L is in Utah visiting Andrew.
I spent probably an hour in a craft store just going up and down the aisles. I had a mental list, and that list grew at an alarming rate. My final purchase: 3 large white (plastic) pumpkins (60% off!), a wooden haunted house to paint, some "accessories" for the haunted house, a new little Halloween spooky thing for the front porch (50% off!) and paint for Ronna's Halloween platter. I was sorely tempted by bags of eyeball chocolates, and Peeps in the shape of bats, pumpkins, and ghosts, but I left them behind.
L and I had seen some white pumpkins in one of our favorite stores lettered in spooky print to spell out "Beware" or "Boo." They were very expensive, and I was very sad about that. So that's what I did with our 3 new pumpkins. L found a font called "Burton's Nightmare" that was perfect to trace on each pumpkin for a very spooky looking B-O-O. They look darling on the porch.
The rest of the afternoon, in between loads of wash, was spent working on Halloween fun. I just dove in and did all kinds of things, and before I knew it, darkness had fallen, L had finished his projects, and we realized we were hungry.
I'm starting to paint again! I'm starting to get my creative mojo going! I don't know where it went, and it had been gone for awhile. But it's back. I'm having fun, and I'm looking forward to each new project. I'm scaring myself a little bit, because I remember that feeling of being so inspired to start something, and yet a little afraid that ability had not caught up with creative genius. Yeah, well, sometimes that happens, but not often enough to discourage me. There is almost nothing so enjoyable as an afternoon spent being creative, no matter what your medium.
Next weekend will be a good time to be busy with it all. L will be away with Andrew. I'm not going this time, as it's a more serious father and son sort of visit. A kind of lets get our priorities straight sort of visit. Andrew is getting better. He's outgrowing his program, and is ready for friendships with people who are not mentally challenged. People who can help him stretch and grow, and heal. Unfortunately, he sometimes doesn't choose friends wisely, and this is the case now. But fortunately, he's also made some friends in higher places, like one amazing girl who's a student at BYU. For whatever reason, she's made Andrew her project. She tells him he needs to go to church, and she comes to get him to make sure he does. She tells him he'll feel better about himself if he goes. (And he did call us to tell us he'd gone to ALL THREE HOURS - that's big stuff for him right now.) She took him to the opera for one of her class assignments. (I would have loved to have witnessed that one!) She has been his guardian angel, as it were, and L and I are deeply grateful for her kindness. She is aware of his condition, but it hasn't stopped her from being a very good friend to him. See? There are some lovely people in the world. Angels on earth. And I'm quite sure they're put in our path to keep us from harm. So L is going to Utah next weekend to talk to Andrew about not settling for friends who bring us down, but to instead choose friends that edify and uplift. L didn't have a chance to be a full time dad when this young man was growing up. But it's a beautiful thing to see how much he's grown in his role of father when his son has needed him most.


  1. I'm so glad to hear Andrew is doing better and has a friend by his side. I am so excited to see the projects you've been working on, specially they platter you're doing for me..hehe

  2. This is wonderful news about Andrew, and I'm so glad that L is getting a chance to be such a supportive dad at this phase in life, when a good dad is so important.

    I know exactly what you mean about being creative, and there is nothing better, especially when you have the house all to yourself. I can't wait to see the pics of what you've done so far...


    PS. I agree that the friend at BYU is a godsend. Literally. And I love that he made it through all three hours of church!

  3. I'm glad you got your mojo back! I have LOVED the time I've had this month to work on projects, however, last night I attempted to work on that sundress for Mia, and when I started ironing my cheap tester fabric, I burned a hole right through it! LOL...I've decided to walk away from that for awhile and cut out the beanbags for her name. Tonight I will sew them together, iron the letters to her name on them, and fill them :)

  4. I am anxiously awaiting pics of the armoire!! :)

    I will keep Andrew and your family in my prayers. I know pray lifts us...I'm feeling it in my own life right now, I think more strongly than I ever have. I pray the same for you, L, and your sweet son.
    Love you!!

  5. Sorry, one more thing: I firmly believe in those angels on earth. I know they are as real as the air we breathe.


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