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Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat...

When the weather turns chilly, does anyone else get the urge to cook and bake? (My house is so cold today - maybe that's why I want to turn on the oven!) But besides that, I find my thoughts wandering to Thanksgiving, and how to cook the turkey this year, what kind of stuffing, and if I bake a goodie, who can I share it with? (Seriously, I made chocolate cake last night, and it just keeps calling to me. I need to donate it to someone, and quickly!) I have some lemons in the fridge from a friend's tree, and all I can think about is lemon bars. Has anyone else made the lemon bars on Bakerella's site? They're the best I've ever made.
Well, you see where I am right now. The weather has turned cool, and rain is threatening. Because of that, I couldn't ignore the rip in my car's soft top anymore, so it's in the shop, and I'm working from home today. (I use the term "working" loosely.) I AM working, but intermittently, in between loads of laundry and thoughts of baking. And really - days in the actual office where the work is non-stop are rare. Thank goodness for that. Most days have a portion of time where there isn't much to do, so if I'm lucky enough to be home I can do other things too.

We got the Halloween paraphernalia out this weekend. The skeleton pirate is hung, the skull fence is installed, the spooky arch is wired up with lights. And inside, there's a bowlful of skulls, a glass filled with eyeballs, a couple of jack o'lanterns, and all manner of spooky decor. There are still treats to be bought - maybe tonight after we pick up the car and it's new top. Then all that will be missing are the grandkiddies to have fun with. That will have to be done from afar, and I'm trying to hatch some fun ideas to remind them that Mema is excited for Halloween too. What special traditions do you have with your grandkids (or with your grandma?) I've always had a grandma and mom close by, so I'm having a hard time coming up with fun things to do when distance is a factor.

No matter what you do, I hope you're all enjoying entering the most exciting season (from almost anyone's point of view) of the year. It's just one holiday with related family fun after another. This year, our family continues to stretch far and wide. We have Scott here (although his heart is in Florida), Andrew in Utah, Rex & Ronna & kids in Denver, Tim in NYC, and Katie & Zach & Mia (and almost Baby Girl) in Puerto Rico. Not to mention all of the parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and (the crowning jewel) my grandmother.

Wow - I'd better get busy. My holiday madness will be largely done on a long distance scale, so I'll have to do some careful planning - not my strong suit. (My strong suit? Last minute craziness, usually. Why do the best ideas always come to me in the 11th hour??) I just need to take one holiday at a time, and right now its Halloween. I will enjoy the crisp air, jack o'lanterns, and pumpkin patches. And some apple pie or cobbler baking never hurt anyone, either.

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  1. I look forward to all of these holidays too, and this year my family and extended family will be here for Christmas.

    As for Halloween, I just send my grandkids some treats...sometimes I make the treats up myself and send 'em, other times I buy 'em from Mrs. Fields, etc. Their mom is really good about posting pictures on her blog, so I always get a good look at the fun.

    And this year, we will be going to visit them in early December for my grandson's baptism! Can't wait for that one...



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