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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy BirthdayTo The Cute Boy I Live With

It was LaMar's birthday on Friday the 27th, and I feel compelled to tell all of you that I really won the prize with this man. (He would say he's the booby prize, but no - he is the blue ribbon and gold cup rolled into one) Life is good with him. I am taken care of, and in turn, he lets me take care of him. I won't say he's perfect, but really - who is? I think I can handle the fact that he always knows the price per pound of chicken in the grocery store, and he likes to comparison shop on the internet. He, in fact, never forgets the price of anything, which can drive me a little crazy. (Me, who can't remember what I paid for anything, ever. Numbers are soooo abstract.)

It has become a source of endearment to me. I can always count on him knowing the best store to buy produce at, or where to find an i-Pod or i-Phone at the cheapest price. When he's been under the weather and is on the mend, I'll ask him how he's' feeling. It's never "so much better" or "a little better" - it's something like "I feel 85% better." I've never been able figure out how he quanitifies the amount of betterness he feels, but I can't remember the price of chicken either.

We shopped for a new suit for his birthday - his request. We found two that he looked incredibly handsome in, and so we got them both. Merry Christmas too - and that is OK with him. From there we went to Target and did some Christmas shopping for - well, for all kinds of people. I'm not giving any hints. We went home, unloaded our loot, cleaned up a bit, and then went to Maggiano's for dinner. My treat. Pasta, chopped salad, and the most delicious fried zucchini I've ever had. We walked around South Coast Plaza to work off dinner a bit. LaMar treated me to a new Christmas bauble at Villeroy & Boch - a little china gingerbread house that glows when you light the candle inside. On his birthday.

When we got home, he came in to rub my feet on his birthday, because he was worried that the shopping had made them sore. Yep, my friends - I really did win the prize, the gold ring, the whole enchilada with this one. He is my soul mate - my quirky quirky soul mate. Two monkeys - that's us. And I couldn't be happier.
Happy Birthday, LaMar! I love you!!


  1. Gotta love those birthday tributes! And after reading this one, I have to agree that you've got yourself a keeper.


  2. You are very self absorbed!

  3. No Anonymous, I'm not. You obviously missed the whole point of the post: that my husband is awesome. It wasn't about me at all. What I can't figure out is people like you that enjoy being anonymously rude. I don't get that at all. Have a nice day.

  4. Most self absorbed people would say they aren't! This is a shared opinion of your blog in general,and not just of your last post.

  5. Wow, how RUDE! Anonymous, why don't you do us all a favor and just stop reading if you think she's so self obsorbed. That is what blogs are for, to share with family and friends what is going on in your life-that is NOT being self absorbed! Why don't you stop being a coward and actually leave a comment using your REAL name?!
    I on the other hand loved this post :) Don't let rude commenters such as this get to you! I love reading your blog!


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