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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Table For My Cave

I'm sitting at my new desk tonight. Yes, L finished it for me last week, and installed it. I was waiting for the varnish to be totally dry, but today I couldn't wait any longer. I love this desk. It's so big and roomy. So far I only have my laptop on it, but just wait - it will fill up. (L helped me style the picture up with flowers, etc, so it would look nicer) I want to go to the Container Store and get all of those clever containers and doodads to store ribbon and art supplies in so they are easily accessible. What a treat this is going to be! Here are some pictures of the finish (berry red stain and black antiquing) and a detail of the legs:

Ankle update: Still swollen and bruised, although not really sore. I had a pedi today, and it was fine. I shunned the hot oil treatment (not that my tootsies couldn't use it) because I didn't think all the swelling would appreciate a hot towel wrapped around it. Maybe next time. I didn't use the ankle wraps today as I was just going around town, but next time L and I go out to walk the trails and avenues of Yorba Linda, I will have those ankles wrapped up tighter than a drum. I do NOT wish to repeat last week's trick - I'm not sure I'd have ankles left if I did. As it stands now, they're looking more like cankles, and my swollen left foot looks like a Flintstone foot. But at least I can wear shoes other than flip flops now - just in time for Sunday! (Can I wear Uggs to church?)

It was cool and crisp today - perfect fall weather! I'm going to sit down, leaf through recipes, and come up with a Thanksgiving menu. Did I tell you? My grandma and Aunt Margie are coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and Grandma says she'll bring the pies.


  1. i am excited to see your little area... doesn't it make such a difference to have your own space?!?

    i hope your ankle heals quickly! good luck!

  2. Your desk is GORGEOUS! I love it and I'm so jealous at the same time ;-) Your feet look just like mine, only I haven't sprained my ankle! Can't wait for my pregnant feet to go away.

  3. Yep, that's a loverly cankle, all right!

    Ah well...the desk really IS lovely. (And the ankle soon will be.)



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